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Bollywood Star Shahrukh khan meets his hero’s in Saudi Arabia

The joy entertainment industry forum was in Riyadh on October, 13th 2019. The main reason for this get together is to discuss the purpose of entertainment opportunities and build relationships with the Saudi government and business.

This meeting brought together entertainment leaders from all around the world. The two days forum inspired by Saudi version 2030 and organized by general entertainment authority GEA.

Who attend this Saudi entertainment forum?

In this entertainment forum famous actors attend this forum such as Indian film industry hero Shahrukh khan, Hong Kong martial artist, actor film director, Jackie Chan, and Belgian actor and martial artist Jean-Van Damme. They attend this entertainment forum as a host, and they proud to be a part of this forum.

Who launched this general entertainment authority GEA?

This entertainment form or two day forum to be launched by Turk Al sheikh, who is the chairman of GEA (general entertainment authority chairman), it is a part of push to put Saudi Arabia on the global map as an entertainment leader.

What is the main purpose of this GEA?

The main purpose of GEA is committed to supporting and nurturing local talent, developing a thriving entertainment industry that will create truly exciting employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of young Saudis, and further extending and preserving the kingdom’s centuries.

How many attendee attend this forum?

Many people attend this forum from all over the include, Clement Wong, vice president at Huawei Global product marketing, Bill Ernest, CEO of seven Marco Balich, chairman of board of director at Balich world, Muhammad Al-Abbar chairman board of directors at Emaar, Muhammad al-Zaabi, CEO of Miral Asset management Sultan Al-Hokair, Fawaz  Al-Hokair group vice president for food and entertainment.

What General entertainment authority said about this new move?

Amr bin Banja said, Saudi Arabia is moving forward confidently toward building a competitive entertainment industry where local and international talent and business will intersect, setting the stage for a first rate entertainment industry. The entertainment authority has taken several steps to strengthen collaboration with the private sector.

What Jackie Chan said in his speech?

The hero Jackie Chan expressed what it meant to be a movie star and how wide reaching their influence could be. Jackie Chan recalled that when he was new in film industry, he often acted like a drunken fighter until he realized that he has responsibility towards younger fans, and younger generation.

What Jean-Claude said in his speech?

He said I am honored to be invited here I know it’s your first time to do this event but I know it will have a very bright decision for joy entertainment in future. He also remarked that in every country in the world you have treasure actors and movies with different cultures. In the Middle East I don’t know the taste it will be but I know they love Indian, Asian movies. Saudi Arabia should do a movie we all of us together with you.

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Source: Khaleej Times

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