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Calculator for the Annual Vacation Salary of Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development has decided that the full salary is paid during the annual leave which includes all allowances.

A person asked from the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development,

“Will the transport allowance be taken into account in the calculation of annual leave, or will it be sufficient only to calculate based on the basic salary and house allowance?”

Responding to a question they said that the annual leave pay is calculated according to the actual wages, which will include all allowances – as defined in Section 2 of the Labor Law.

Working Hours are Clarified by the Ministry

The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development has clarified on its website that no employee can be charged more than 8 hours a day while on duty daily and if the duty is on a weekly basis. In total, no more than 48 hours of duty can be taken.


Workings Hours are to be Ensured by the Employers

The Ministry says it is the responsibility of employers to chart their duties in terms of working hours and rest breaks, and to ensure that no worker is required to work for more than five (5) consecutive hours. There should be a break of at least half an hour for rest or prayers and meals during duty.

No Forceful or Unjustified Work can be Taken by the Employers

Under no circumstances can a worker be kept on duty for more than twelve hours in a single place. Prayers, meals and rest breaks must be given during working hours. The employer cannot force the employee to stay in the office during this time.

These new rules will help the employees to have a great time at work as well as they will stay healthy and fresh. The government is trying to empower the employees as they are the real assets of a company. For more information visit our website.

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