Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Can a Corona Recovered Patient Get a Vaccine?

As we all know that vaccines are prepared for Corona infection to tackle this dangerous pandemic. But can a corona recover patient get a vaccine is the main query.

According to Sources        

After 90 days, the recovered patient will be able to get the vaccine like normal people.

According to Saudi Ministry of Health

The Saudi Ministry of Health says:

Patients who recover from the Corona virus can get the vaccine.

According to the Lesson website

 The Ministry said that,

After recovery, the patient will have to wait 90 days to get the vaccine.

Corona Recover Patient can get a Vaccine after 90 days!

After 90 days or more, a person recovering from Corona will be able to get the corona vaccine like a normal person. Read more: How Long will the Mask and Social Distance be Restricted After Vaccination?

Vaccines only for Registered Citizens and Saudi Expats!

The ministry said:

Vaccines are being given to registered citizens and Saudi expats without any charges.

How to Register for Covid-19 Vaccine?

Opening of Vaccines centers in different cities!

The vaccine campaign will be expanded in the next few days, with centers opening in more cities.

Largest Vaccine Campaign in the History!

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia had recently launched the Corona Vaccine Campaign, which is the largest vaccine campaign in the history of the country.

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