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Can Final Exit be applied on Expired Passport?

New cases of the Coronavirus are declining in Saudi Arabia. Routines of life are being carried out following the precautionary measures. Citizens and Saudi expats have been allowed to go on Umrah, but a schedule for the arrival of pilgrims from abroad will be issued from next month. Questions have been sent by readers with various references.

Question Asked by Our Reader

Q. Abdul Majeed has asked that my passport has expired. I want to go to the final exit. Is it possible to exit without extending the passport?

According to Saudi Jawazat, a passport must be valid for at least 60 days for any Saudi expat worker to be deported. Final exit cannot be imposed for less than this period.

According to the Labor Law

It may take time if you renew your passport, but if you want to go to the final exit immediately, you can apply by contacting the embassy or the consulate in Jeddah. Explaining that the validity of the current passport can be temporarily extended up to 6 months. This way you can extend the legal validity of your passport in one day without any delay and return home at the final exit. After extending the validity of the passport, ask the sponsor to register it in the permit system, after which you can go to the final exit.

2nd Question Asked by Our Reader

Q. Mansoor Ahmad question is regarding the duplicate iqama card. He says that the iqama card has gone bad.

If your residency card is about to expire, it is best to get a second card when it is renewed. Residence card is usually valid for 5 years. If there is enough time left for the card, then it is necessary to print another card. For this, your sponsor will have to take time from the licenses, after which it will be possible to print the second card from the licenses.

3rd Question Asked by Our Reader

Q. Abdul Hameed’s question is that I have been living in Jeddah for a long time. Four years ago, I was asked to rent a color screen of 25% of the front glass and 40% of the rear seat, but suddenly a challan was sent to my mobile. Have the rules changed? Can an appeal be filed against a challan?

The traffic police made significant changes to the rules last year, including regulations for coloring car windows. The company had also made a clear announcement in this regard, according to which it was prohibited to color screen the windscreen and rear window of vehicles.

The permission you are referring to refers to a screen that does not in any way interfere with viewing inside the vehicle. Such a screen can only be installed in the rear windows which are only used to reflect the heat which is called 0.2 which does not prevent the view inside the car under any circumstances.

According to the law of the traffic department

It is strictly prohibited to put any kind of color screen on the windscreen and rear window of the vehicles. As far as the second part of your question is concerned with appealing against the challan, you have the right to file an appeal to the traffic police through Abshar account as you have said that you Had screened after getting permission. If there is permission then attach it along with the appeal.

The Saudi government is trying its best to help their citizens we are hoping that the soon the issues will be resolved. For more information do visit our website. Till then keep reading as it’s the best source of knowledge.

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