Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Can Girl and Boy Getting Different Corona Vaccine Be Married?

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The outbreak of Coronavirus caused several causalities and changed the normal lifestyle of the entire world. During last year, the world has seen enormous changes and disasters caused due to this pandemic. It also resulted in different companies from around the world searching for an effected vaccine that can put an end to this deadly virus.

Several companies succeeded in this and this started the phase of vaccination around the globe. However, the Ministry of Health has received a strange question in which a girl has asked whether boys and girls who have received the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines can marry each other. Are there any rumors spread regarding this? What was the reply from the ministry?

A Question Asked by the Girl

According to the sources, a girl on the Ministry of Health’s Twitter account asked,

I got the AstraZeneca vaccine while my fiancé was given the Pfizer vaccine. Can we both get married?” Rumors that these cannot marry each other. The girl further added, We are hearing rumors that two different vaccinators cannot marry each other.”

What Reply was Given by the Ministry of Health?

The Ministry of Health responded by saying, “There is no truth in this, it is without any scientific argument.”

Different Vaccines are not an Obstacle

According to the Ministry of Health, “Getting vaccinated by two different companies is not an obstacle to marriage”.

Ministry of Health cleared the misunderstanding of the girl by saying that such rumors have no truth. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more. Stay safe.

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