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Can Huroob be Filed on those who are on Exit re-entry?

Under the residency law, Iqama is required in Saudi Arabia and the Iqama matters are decided in Saudi Jawazaat after approval by the Ministry of Manpower. However, work permits are issued to workers by the Ministry of Manpower, which has separate rules. Saudi residents asked several questions regarding Huroob to the Saudi Jawazaat.

Can Huroob be Filed on Foreign Workers on Exit re-entry?

A person has asked, quoting Huroob, Went to Pakistan on holiday but could not return due to the ban. That is why Huroob was filed by the sponsor. However. Can I return to Saudi Arabia on another visa? According to the Saudi Jawazat law, Huroob cannot be filed on foreign workers who has gone to their country on exit re-entry.

What does “Huroob” mean?

Huroob means fleeing from the employer while the workers on holiday go on exit re-entry at the will of the employer, and the exit re-entry is not applied for the visa worker but for the employers from the ‘Abshar’ or ‘Muqim’ portal. Visitors cannot be included in the Huroob category.

On what conditions can the Huroob be filed?

People who do not use the visa despite applying for an exit visa and stay in the country, their exit visa, i.e., exit re-entry visa, expires. If they do not even refer to their employer, then their huroob can be filed.

How to Check Whether the Huroob has been Filed or not?

Some people are under the misconception that their huroob has been filed. Information about Huroob can be obtained by logging on to the Ministry of Manpower’s website. Log in to the website and enter the Iqama number in the specified field after which you can get the Iqama information by clicking on ‘Next’.

If the foreign worker’s huroob has been filed, it will be listed as ‘Absent’ from work, otherwise ‘On Duty’ will be written.

Can the Sponsor Remove the Worker from their System?

If the worker leaves on exit re-entry and do not return on time, then their company, institution or sponsor has the right to remove the worker from their system by putting them in the category of “Kharj-e-Wilm-e-Yaad”.

What is “Kharj-e-Wilm-e-Yaad” Category?

Those who fall into the category of Kharj-e-Wilm-e-Yaad cannot come to the country for the next 3 years. However, if such Saudi expats want to return within the stipulated period of three years, they have only one condition, according to which a second visa should be issued by the former sponsor on whose visa they were residing in the country.

How Long Before the Departure should a PCR test be taken?

Regarding the trip to Pakistan, a person asked, “The family has to go from Jeddah to Islamabad. How long before the PCR test should be done?” To which the Jawazaat replied that

To travel from Saudi Arabia, a PCR test is required at most 72 hours before departure.

The Saudi Jawazaat cleared the misunderstanding of the residents regarding the filing of Huroob. For further information, visit our website. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news.

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