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Car fuel delivery services at home starting soon in Saudi Arabia-No Need to Visit Petrol Stations

Living in the 21st century, things have changed a lot. At times where people were far away from one another and wished to see their relatives, the modern world has decreased the distance. Now everyone is just one call away. You can see, talk, and share your little moments with your loved ones living thousands of miles away. All you need is the internet.

Undoubtedly, the development of the internet has revolutionized the world. Earlier, only found in indoor capacities now into the wireless cell phones, the internet has allowed you to surf across everything in the world. People were using the internet to talk to their loved ones, when the technicians and software engineers utilized the internet into a whole new marketing business where people can sell and buy everything from the smallest hair-clip to full acre houses.

Various websites and applications have envisaged a new business avenue for creative minds to earn a profit while sitting at home. Things have been quite comfortable on the buyer’s end as they don’t need to waste time in the streets searching for items in the scorching heat. All you need to do is scroll through sites while sitting at your comfy bed and buy whatever you need. Saudi Arabia has recently utilized these online services under its Saudi Vision 2030 of development and progress.

Recently we have discussed how food delivery has become a profitable business in the kingdom. But what new in-store is petrol delivery? Yes, you read it the right petrol is being delivered at home anytime you need it. Why and how this new initiative is taken can be understood in the article below.

After food delivery comes petrol delivery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food delivery has become a necessity for citizens all over the world. Still, in Saudi Arabia, the petrol delivery is getting fame and talk of the town among the people around the globe. Using various applications, Saudi citizens and Saudi expats are utilizing dynamic petrol pumps to get petrol in their homes.

When did this new petrol delivery come into action?

According to the Sabq website, the municipality had recently approved new guidelines for the petrol stations under which the critical clause was the setting up of petrol stations to make them dynamic. Following these rules, dynamic petrol pumps have been set up immediately. Read more: Saudization in Food delivery Services Through Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

What is the response of the citizens & Saudi expats on this action?

According to the citizens,

Petrol delivery is the need for local citizens and Saudi expats in the country. Sometimes it is not possible to get to the petrol station. In such a case, petrol can be poured through a moving or dynamic petrol station.

What are the hopes of citizens & Saudi expats with dynamic pumps?

In an exclusive discussion, the citizens & Saudi expatriates said,

Like food delivery, petrol delivery will become popular. Hopefully, this business will be profitable very soon.

The negative remark on the development of dynamic pumps

Every thought has opposition attached to it. A group of people thinks,

Gasoline delivery will be helpful when it is needed. However, it should not be taken as a fashion. It will be more needed on the highway where in some places there is a long distance in the petrol stations.

Merely, it is a new thought in creative work. It is too early to comment on the pros and cons without seeing how it is working. But we hope that similar new fashions must be in trend. It is the beauty of technology. Please share your thoughts on this new dynamic petrol pumps with us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this exciting news with your fellows.

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Source: Sabq

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