Hajj and Umrah Visa

Children of Hajj pilgrims will be taken care in Nurseries during Hajj 2020

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to accept 94% quota of domestic/ local pilgrims

The Ministry of Haj and Umrah will accept only electronic registration for 94 percent of the quotas of domestic pilgrims, including Saudi Citizens and Saudi expats, allotted to Haj service providing companies and establishments.

Remaining 6% domestic/ local pilgrims can register by Hajj service providers

The remaining 6% of domestic pilgrims can be registered by Haj service providers on condition that the data has to be entered through the e-path program, including the pilgrim’s identity and his mobile phone number.

After receiving a confirmation message, the pilgrim will have to complete the registration process by making the payment. Read more: Local Hajj 2019 packages for Saudi citizens and Saudi expats announced by the Ministry of Hajj

June 23 (Shawwal 20,1440) is the initial date for allotment of camps in Mina by Ministry

The ministry has set June 23 (Shawwal 20, 1440) as the initial date for the allotment of camps in Mina for Haj service firms. Related: Domestic/ local Hajj pilgrims wouldn’t have to worry about their luggage anymore

Program to set up nurseries for the children of pilgrims during Hajj

The Ministry during the current year has decided and put up an initial program to set up the Nurseries for the children of the Haj pilgrims during the Haj season.

This will facilitate those pilgrims who have small children or infant and they cannot afford to leave them at home alone or because of lack of any other guardian or close relatives, under this program they can bring their children with them and such nurseries will take care of their children during the period of 5 days. Read more: Procedure Involved to apply online local Hajj 2019 from Saudi Arabia

Ministry has started receiving the application for setting up nurseries by various Hajj service companies

Meanwhile, the ministry continued receiving applications from Haj service companies and establishments, which are intending to participate in the program of running nurseries for the children of pilgrims during the Haj season.

Do you know what is the nursery fee for normal children and children with disabilities?

The General Department for Domestic Pilgrims at the ministry said the fee for taking care of children with disabilities has been fixed at SR3, 000 per child while the fee for normal children is SR 2,500. Read more: Saudi Arabia Announces to Start Issuing E-Visas for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

The company has to provide transportation for children by road.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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