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China Making Tasbeeh with Pig Bones For Selling all Around the World

Tasbeeh is a string of beads often found in the hands of the Muslims and will be found must in every Muslim household. The Muslims use it to count their Zikr of Allah after every prayer or at any time during the day. It has a religious aspect and is one of the most common gifts people share especially after coming from Umrah and Hajj. Therefore, these are brought at wholesale rate from markets.

Being an Islamic product people don’t bother from where they are being produced and how they are produced. However, with a recent shocking video, the Muslims are at unrest and need the answers of where their religious things are crafted and sold. What is in the video? Read the article to know about it.

The Video that Shunned Every Muslim Thought

In a viral video went on social media platform, a voice over was informing everyone that the Tasbeehs are made in China. This isn’t as shocking because China is now the superpower empowering themselves with taking hold over every market and producing every other thing they can at affordable rates. But what next he said shocked everyone. He told that China uses pig bones to manufacture the beads in the Tasbeeh.

The unpleasant Tactic of China Without Carrying Religious Sentiments

China doesn’t care about the quality but believes in quantity. They target the markets and goods that give them profit to raise their economy. Similarly, China did in the case of Tasbeeh production. They used Pig bones that are Haram in Islam because it is cheaper for them to use.

By producing Tasbeehs they sold them to the Islamic countries which are the biggest hub of Tasbeeh market that ensures their due profit. However, people need clear clarification on this aspect from the countries as everyone uses them on an everyday basis during their prayers. 

It is really heartbreaking to hear this fact that we perform Ablution (Wudhu) and offer prayer but use a Haram thing after it for our prayer. It is time that we start questioning the big worlds what they are producing. Not only them, the importers in our countries should be questioned equally what they are importing.

A proper check and balance is required what is being entered in the wholesale market. Share your views in the comment section below and share the article so everyone can be cautious of the fact what they are using during their precious obligation.

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