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Clarification by Morror to Travel Outside the Kingdom Without Paying Traffic Fines

A trend of late has been to violate traffic laws. It might seem fun and exciting, but it may cost your life. One of the risky things may be a breach of traffic laws. Traffic laws are designed to save the lives of drivers and pedestrians in a special way. It’s important to obey the rules of traffic, whatever the situation is.

In the Government of Saudi Arabia, violating the traffic rules is not good. But it is also not a barrier to travel abroad. It all depends on either you are a citizen of Saudi Arabia state or a expatriate who live in Saudi Arabia. To know all the information regarding the traffic violations and paying fines, you must have to read the full news below.

Traffic Violations are not a Barrier to Travel!

The Saudi Traffic Department (Morror) has made it clear that,

There are no restrictions on travel abroad, despite traffic violations on record.

Traffic Violations are not an Obstacle for any Saudi Citizen who has Committed a Traffic Violation and wants to travel Abroad.

According to local newspaper, the Saudi traffic department (Morror) clarified on Twitter in response to a query from a local citizen that even if the Saudi traffic violation fines are not paid, one can travel abroad.

Inquiry of the Saudi Citizen!

The Saudi citizen had inquired from the traffic department (Morror) that he was responsible for the traffic violation fines which were not paid. In that case travel can be done.

Only Saudis can Travel without Paying Fines!

It should be noted that,

The traffic department (Morror) has responded to the query of a Saudi citizen on Twitter. This law is only for Saudis, while it is not possible for Saudi expats to travel without paying fines.

Hence, following the traffic rules saves your life, money and ticket to travel! For more information and query, visit our website. Till then, stay Safe. Stay Tuned!

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