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Clarification of the levy of dependent fee on the Saudi expats by the Saudi authorities

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Saudi Arabia has changed drastically over the years. The most significant force behind it was the Saud Vision 2030, launched by Mohammad Bin Salman to diversify the economy. The country changed its decade long laws and regulations witnessing things that never happened before. The headlines were filled with various such activities happening in the kingdom from the international wrestling to football competitions, snooker championship to music concerts.

From the rapid development, launch, and execution of various projects to long-held spring and October festivals, the country had it all in the time being. These all were the requirements to pull the crowd to the kingdom to enhance tourism. However, with all the excellent pros and the cons that especially the Saudi expats hated the most is that the worker and the family fees which have called the eradication of Saudi expats from the kingdom on a large scale. What and why are the questions everyone has in mind regarding these heavy fees? Read the real reason behind it in the article below.

The explanation of Saudi expat worker and family fees in the KSA

In a statement made by the Head of the committee of the Saudi Ministry of Finance, on Saudi expat workers, explained the reasons for setting a family fee and not canceling the fee. According to the local newspaper, the program called Broadcast Socrates questioned,

Why Saudi expats have been given a family fee when expatriates are living with the family were spending their savings in Saudi Arabia. Since after the family fees were fixed, the Saudi expats sent back their families, and now they are sending their homeland instead of spending their savings in Saudi Arabia. What has the government got from it?

What was the reply of the Head of the committee on this question?

He replied the Saudi expat that,

I respect your position concerning family fees, but it is important to point out that the family fee is fixed under a specific strategy. One of its aims is to tackle the problem of Saudi expats’ presence in Saudi Arabia.

What is the primary purpose of family and worker fees?

Explaining the purpose of family and Saudi expat worker fees, he said said that it has multi-purpose among them are,

  • One of its aims is to reduce the number of Saudi expats whose presence in the country is not that much necessary for the country.
  • One of the aims is to provide job opportunities for Saudi youth.

What is the fee for the current year 2020?

In July 2017, the Saudi government fixed the fees on foreigners’ families and domestic workers working in the state’s private entities. In 2020, this fee started from 100 riyals per month has increased to 400 riyals per family member monthly.

It is unfortunate to see them levied on the Saudi expats in the KSA that never saw this coming. But it is equally helpful for the Saudi youth to work for their domain now. With every pros and con comes the ultimate result of what it has achieved. It is essential to see the progress of the country in the coming years with these kinds of laws. Till then, please share the article and comment below what you feel about these fees?

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