Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Clarification on Entering in Saudi Arabia on New Work Visa & Return Back from Vacation

In our previous articles, we have discussed the various questions asked by our visitors regarding the queries they hold in their minds against Coronavirus and the laws of Saudi Arabia. These questions arose as the country took the first steps in restricting travel through announcing the temporary suspension of pilgrimage.

No matter how the world and Muslims reacted, the country took the needed precaution and announced 72 hours deadlines to return to the kingdom before it suspends flights for two weeks. With all these changing situations and law and order of the country, people living inside and outside are having many queries that require the necessary answers.

Our inbox and comment section was also flooded with various questions after these different orders passed by authorities. We have arranged 3 question-answer session previously, and this another session includes some other questions of a similar situation. Read below if you have any related queries and get the needed answer.

The Suspension in Saudi Arabia Brings Various Questions

The outbreak of the deadly disease from Wuhan in China has engulfed most countries in the world, affecting close to two million people. Saudi Ministry of Health and other agencies have taken precautions but these precautions are confusing people in their daily routine work. What new our visitors have asked are written below. Read more: Ministry of Labors Announces to Grant 15 days Leave to Private Sectors Employees to Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus

Can you come to Saudi Arabia now or not on a New Work Visa?

Rehan Khan asked us,

Can a new visa holder can come to Saudi Arabia?

With regard to new visas, if it means coming to Saudi Arabia for the first time on a work visa, than it is important to note that currently Saudi Arabia has temporarily banned all visas, including new visas. Saudi embassies and consulates in Pakistan and other countries have been stopped processing all types of visas.

However, if anyone can come to Saudi Arabia with a new visa than yes, after the Coronavirus situation get sunder controlled and all the bans are lifted one can surely visit the kingdom on any visa. Read more: Saudi Jawazat Announces to Further Extend Saudi Family Visit Visa & Other Types of Visit Visas

Can we come back to the Kingdom after Vacations?

Feroz has questioned us in our inbox that,

I came to Karachi on February 9 and my vacation expired on March 14, can I return to Saudi Arabia?

It is important to mention the exit re-entry deadline to know the answer of the query properly. Exit re-entries are usually stamped for 2 months. However, in the current situation as everything is banned, those who are on vacation do not have to worry as Saudi government makes decision in the wider interests of the people. Read more: Saudi Arabia Extends 3 more days for Umrah Pilgrims to Travel to their Home Country

But one has to discuss with the management of their company, who is only authorized to make a decision, while the relevant entities are considering facilitating the extension of exit re-entry.

We hope that your queries are resolved from this session of question and answers. If not, feel free to inbox us or ask your questions in the comment section, we will arrange another question-answer session for our visitors. Till then, please share our article and subscribe for daily updates.

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