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Crocodile Seen on the Streets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Crocodile in Saudi Arabia

Do You Know Crocodile Can be Very Dangerous to Human Beings?

The larger kinds or classes of crocodiles can be very harmful and dangerous to humans. The Saltwater and Nile Crocodiles are considered as most dangerous, killing hundreds of people each and every year in the parts of South-East Asia and Africa.

American alligators, Mugger crocodiles and possibly the endangered Black Caiman, are also very dangerous to humans.

Do you know who is more dangerous between Crocodile & Alligator?

Alligators are relatively less dangerous and easy going as compared to the crocodiles. Crocodiles on the other hand, are much more bad-tempered and are likely to attack humans, even if they are not being provoked or disturbed. Read more: Two Saudi men arrested for dancing while waiting at a red traffic light

Australian saltwater crocodiles are generally considered the most dangerous in the world, followed by Nile crocodiles.

Crocodile Recently Cited on the Streets of Saudi Arabia

It was quite a news when few people on the roads suddenly observed the presence of crocodile on one of the streets of Saudi Arabia. Read: Saudi man hires the entire shopping mall and takes his car inside for shopping


The Police was Immediately Informed

The people who encountered the existence of crawling crocodile on the street immediately called the police and informed the presence of a crocodile. The Police arrived immediately in no time and took the control over the crocodile and it’s further movement.

Crocodile Escaped from a Wild Animal Festival

Footage taken by the on road observers shows policemen tying the animal down and taking control of the situation. It is said that the creature had escaped a wild animal festival that had been taking place in the city a few days back.

The animal was reported missing by the festival’s authorities, and Saudi police were searching for it when they got a report it had been spotted. The animal has since been returned to the people who are responsible for it. 

News Got Viral on Twitter

Several videos capturing the crocodile incident as it unfolded in Riyadh naturally made their way to Saudi Twitter.

Some people initially thought the animal might’ve escaped a home where it was being kept as a pet, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. 

Others expressed their shock at the incident and called on those who attend to wild animals to take precautions preventing their escape.

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