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Crown Prince MBS Announces to build ‘The Line’ – A Carbon Free City in Neom

The Crown Prince MBS of Saudi Arabia announced his new Saudi Vision for a future beyond oil in the kingdom that is a carbon and rush free city. For detailed information regarding the “The Line” city in Neom, read the full news below.

Establishment of Carbon-Free City in Neom

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is also the chairman of the board of directors of the Neom Company, has announced the establishment of a carbon-free city in Neom.

It will be an example for the cities of the future. The new cities will be naturally environmentally friendly and will be built in the same style.

Free from Noise, Pollution, and Rush!

According to the Saudi news agency SPA,

  • The city of ‘The Line’ will be settled in an area of ​​170 km.
  • It will be free from noise, commotion and pollution.
  • It will be free from cars and rush.
  • Integrated societies will be established here with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Line will Implement the Goals of Saudi Vision 2030!

 ‘The Line’ will implement the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. There will be 380,000 jobs. The city will contribute 180 billion riyals to Saudi Arabia’s gross domestic product by 2030. Read more: 7 Interesting Facts About NEOM City Saudi Arabia

Queries Raised by the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman!

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman on the occasion raised the questions:

  • Why we consider sacrificing the natural environment in the cycle of development?
  • Pollution kills 7 million people every year, he said. How do we do that?
  • Why are we losing 1 million lives every year due to traffic accidents? Why are we accepting the loss of so many years of human life in transport?

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman further said,

Actually, we need a new concept for the cities of the future.

Program of The Line City!

As the Chairman of the New Majlis Administration, I am presenting to you the program of ‘‘The Line’’ City.

  • It will be a city of one (1) million people.
  • It will be 170 km long.
  • It will be the custodian of 95% natural environment in Neom.
  • There will be no cars and a carbon-free environment.

Facilities in the The Line City!

The city of ‘The Line’ will have all the modern conveniences. Medical center, school and recreational resources will be provided. Residents will be able to access the greenery on foot in 5 minutes. High speed transport will be arranged here.

It will not take more than 20 minutes to reach any point of the city.

The Line will Rely Entirely on Artificial Intelligence Technology!

The Line will rely entirely on artificial intelligence technology. This city will give a new concept of life and it will be one hundred percent environmentally friendly.

Launch of The Line!

It is to be noted that the launch of ‘The Line’ will take place in the first (1st) quarter of 2021, development work is going on day and night in Neom.

No doubt, the Neom Project is one of the most important and gigantic projects of the Public Investment Fund.

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