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Customs Fee Must be Paid for Bringing More Than 25 Packs of Cigarettes

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority in Saudi Arabia has announced that it is important to submit a custom form if you are bringing more than 25 packets of cigarettes to Saudi Arabia.

The Department of Zakat, Taxes and Customs Authority (ZATKA) has restricted the travelers travelling to Saudi Arabia to submit customs forms if they have more than 25 packs of cigarettes. What other items require a customs form? What is custom forms are not submitted?  Keep reading.

A Custom Form on Gifts Worth More Than 3,000 Riyals

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Department has told visitors travelling to Saudi Arabia that,

If they bring gifts worth more than 3,000 riyals or private goods or goods in foreign currency equal to that amount with them then they have to pay the customs fee and submit it their customs form.

What if the Passenger Did Not Submit the Custom Form?

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Department warned that if a passenger brought prohibited goods or goods above the prescribed limit and did not submit the customs form, not only the goods would be confiscated but also the customs would be fined. Read more: Travelers to Saudi Arabia can now Carry Cigarettes as per the New Law

Informing the Custom Department According to Common Laws of Gulf Countries

It may be recalled that even before this, the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority had informed the passengers coming to the country to inform the Customs Department about their valuables following the common laws of the Gulf countries. Read more: List of 24 Prohibited Items to Bring (Import) in Saudi Arabia

Customs officials said that according to the common customs rules of the Gulf countries, travelers coming to the country are required to inform the customs department about the goods brought with them worth more than three thousand riyals. Read more: How Much Cash or Gold Can I Carry From Saudi Airlines

The passengers are required to follow these instructions and submit a custom form in case of bringing items worth more than 3,000 riyals. However, for passengers from Gulf countries, they are required to follow their common laws and inform the Custom department accordingly. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more. Read more: How Much Zamzam Water Can be Brought Back from Saudi Arabia?

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