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Domestic/ local Hajj pilgrims wouldn’t have to worry about their luggage anymore

Saudi citizens and Saudi expats performing Hajj locally

Those Saudi citizens and Saudi expats who live inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must have experienced the journey of their Hajj while traveling domestically/ locally from their native cities of Saudi Arabia to Makkah city. The domestic/ local Hajj pilgrims come for Hajj from Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Khobar, Qassim, Al-Baha, Abha and many other similar long distant areas which are quite far and away from Makkah.

These domestic/ local Hajj pilgrims coming from far for performing Hajj have to pack their luggage and need to carry with them all the way going to and coming from Makkah. Read more: Procedure Involved to apply online local Hajj 2019 from Saudi Arabia

Plan underway related to the luggage of domestic/ local Hajj pilgrims

The coordination council of domestic/ local Hajj companies is currently studying a proposal by the Saudi Post to carry the luggage of domestic/ local pilgrims right from their national addresses to their accommodations in Makkah and back home after the end of the pilgrimage. Read more: The Cheapest local hajj package 2019 announced by the Ministry for Saudi expats and Saudi citizens

The council will study the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal

The council said it will study the merits and demerits of the proposal and may apply it starting this year’s 2019 Haj season. Read more: Children of Hajj pilgrims will be taken care in Nurseries during Hajj 2019

Do you know who will collect the luggage of domestic/ local Hajj pilgrims?

The Saudi post will collect the luggage from the domestic/ local hajj pilgrims. It said the luggage constituted a burden for domestic/ local Hajj pilgrims who should not have any worries about it anymore. Under its initiative titled “Hajj without luggage”, the Saudi post said it would collect the luggage of domestic/ local hajj pilgrims from various points in the Kingdom to Makkah and back. Read more: Local Hajj 2019 packages for Saudi citizens and Saudi expats announced by the Ministry of Hajj 

Do you know what would be the cost of collecting luggage?

It said the domestic/ local Hajj pilgrim who wants a representative of the post to come to his home to collect the luggage would have to pay SAR.100 and those who opt to bring the luggage to the Saudi Post themselves would pay only SAR 70. The council said, depending on its success, the experiment would be expanded during the coming Haj seasons.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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