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Domestic workers can transfer their sponsorship to the new employer under 13 circumstances

If you have any of the following issues while working in Saudi Arabia you can easily change your sponsorship as ordered by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MOL).

What was the order?

Labor Minister made an order advising the Saudi expats’ workers to change their sponsorship from the current sponsor to a new employer in any of the following 13 cases.

Why is the new order passed?

Quoting the ministry sources, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Sunday that the new steps are taken not only to regulate employment but also to provide opportunities for household workers, such as drivers, maids, servants, as well as their dependents to find jobs in conditions where they are gullible to the current scenario.

What are the 13 cases to change sponsorship?

According to the spokesperson, Saudi expat can change his/her sponsorship for:

1). Unpaid wages

The worker hasn’t received a penny from the employer for 3 months then a worker can opt for changing the employer.

2). Nobody picks them from the airport

If the employer hasn’t received him/her from the airport. He/she is left unattended and is living in a shelter home. Not only you can change the sponsorship but the employer has to pay a fine of SR. 150/- to the ministry for his stay in the shelter home.

3). Iqama not renewed

If the worker’s Iqama or residential permit hasn’t been renewed within one month or 30 days in precise, the worker can file for a change in sponsorship.

4). Worker service is rented to another person

The worker’s work is rented to any other person without his/her consent or anyone who is his close relative or not anyone in his relation is assigned work for help.

5). Health and safety issues

Asking the employer to do something that is a threat to the worker’s life or safety to his health can be considered as a right to change sponsorship.

6). Mistreatment

Any abuse or mistreatment of the worker by the employer or his family allows the worker to change sponsorship.

7). Fake Huroob case

If the employer file any fake complaint about the worker either he ran away or any other allegation he can change his sponsorship.

8). The employer doesn’t show up

If the worker filed a case on an employer for any reason and the employer doesn’t attend the sittings of the court for a continued two sessions, the worker is eligible to change sponsorship.

9). Employer disappeared

Due to any imprisonment, death, tour or traveling if the employer is disappeared the worker can change his employer.

10). Minister thinks it is legit

If a minister thinks it is the right decision to change the employer of the worker than you are eligible to change sponsorship.

11). What is the probation period?

The spokesperson of MOL made it clear that the new employer can hire any worker for a probation period of no more than 15 days where he can check the potential of the worker and can decide to hire the worker.

12). Will the worker be paid?

The worker will be paid by the new employer in the probation period even he or she is later selected or appointed for the job.

13). Who will pay the transfer fee?

If the worker falls in any of the 13 cases he or she can change sponsorship but the new employer has to pay the transfer fee.

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Source: Saudi Gazette/Arab News

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