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Emirati Woman divorces her husband because he loves her a lot

Divorces in Saudi Arabia

A relationship is full of ups and downs with lots of fights and arguments filled with silly debates. If you ask a woman all she wishes is a relationship where her man listens to her, stays obedient and don’t indulge in fights. But what if this could be the reason a woman wants to end up her year-long commitment?

Why woman filed a divorce?

Emirati woman living in the state of UAE filed a divorce case at the Shariah court in Fujairah. When the hearing began as per the reports of Gulf international the woman told the court that his husband loves her a lot which is now irritating her. He is not like the ordinary husband who fights on little issues. Her life is like hell with this man. Read more: Ministry of Justice Introduces New System of Divorce Notification Through SMS

Does man even cook for her?

The woman told that the court that the man helps her in household chores even without asking. He cleans the house and cooks for her often. He never acted like other husbands and ordered her for anything.

The man never fights with her

The woman further told that her husband never fights with her. Even ever she tried to fight with him on any issue he avoids it and agrees like an obedient husband. He expresses his feelings and care with gifts and surprises time and again. Read more: Increasing Divorce Rate in Saudi Arabia – Debate Underway for Issuance of Marriage Permits

Woman demands from her husband

The woman wanted an ordinary life. She was dying for an argument with him. She wanted that they should debate on any issue and fight as every other couple does. She even tried doing so but failed. She does not want a hassle-free life like the one she is spending in a year-long marriage.

Does her husband fracture his leg?

The woman went too far in complaining and creating issues. She once said that his husband is quite healthy. To whose response the man started exercising and went on a strict diet routine. He even got a fracture on his leg during maintaining his weight. But he never shouted on his wife or blamed her for anything.

Husband’s remarks in the court

When the man was allowed to speak on his behalf on this issue he asked the court to advise his wife to withdraw this case. He told the court that he was trying to be a perfect husband who is caring, supportive and obedient.  He said that he will learn from his mistakes and a year-long marriage is not enough to understand and develop a successful relationship. He will make out in the best way as her wife demands.

Husband felt disappointed

The husband told the court that he is disappointed on hearing his wife’s demand. Many people suggested him not to marry this woman due to her excessive complaining and demands but he still did because he loved her. He doesn’t understand where was he went wrong and their relationship came to this point.

Shariah court decision

The Shariah court listened to both sides and given a chance to the couple to work on their relationship and solve this issue maturely within themselves.

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Source: Khaleej Times

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