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Employees Entitled for Leaves as per Saudi Labor Law

It has been noticed that many employees working in Saudi Arabia are not aware of their leaves, which they are entitled as per Saudi Labor Law. It is clearly stated in the Saudi Law regarding the leaves.

However, due to lack of knowledge of the law, employees are unable to attain the benefits from it. Therefore, in this article, we have elaborated in a simplified manner the number and type of leaves according to Saudi Labor Law.

Annual Leave

21 days if the worker has completed one year of service, and 30 days after 5 years of continuous service with the same employer.

Death of Spouse, Children or Parents

5 days leave will be allowed. A female employee, in the event of a death of her husband, is entitled to 15-130 days leave depending on her religion.

Medical leaves

First 30 days sick leave with full wage; next 60 days with 3/4th of wage; and without pay for the following 30 days in a single year.

Hajj Leave

Paid leave of 10-15 days once during service is allowed for performing Hajj for an employee who has previously not performed Hajj, after completing two years of service.

Marriage Leave

Employees can get 5 days of paid leave once in his tenure with the employer. If someone takes more than 5 days, it will adjust from the annual leaves.

Maternity Leave

10 weeks – four weeks before the expected date of delivery and six weeks after the delivery, extendable by one month without pay. Leave salary admissible is half the salary if served with the employer for one year, and full salary if the service is for three years or more.

Paternity Leave

3 days leave on the birth of a child.

Public Holidays

Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and Saudi National Day are fully paid holidays and if the workers required to work, they are entitled to overtime.

Examination Leaves

Upon approval of your employer.

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