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Extension in expired exit re-entry visa through new online Absher system

Saudi Arabia has revolutionized itself with the need of time. It has digitalized its long before working procedures to ease the citizens and the Saudi expats interested to visit and stay in the kingdom. These all steps are a part of the country’s aim of Saudi Vision 2030, under which they are hopeful of shifting their oil-dependent economy and diversifying it.

Developments and progress in every region and every sector are underway, to enhance the living standards and make them accessible to the people around in the kingdom. One of the toughest jobs the Saudi expats were to face was the need to visit various offices of higher authority departments to get their work done.

Whether it is the need to apply for a Saudi visa, renew their Saudi visa, get various documents verified and grab license etc. A similar situation was the need for extending the Saudi visa after the given exit re-entry date. But under the revolutionary scheme, the expatriates are facilitated the most especially in this regard with the launch of electronic service on Abshar. How will it work? What was the old procedure for this task? Read all about it in the article below.

The new electronic service to facilitate Saudi expats

According to Saudi department of passport, the expatriates or the immigrants can extend their exit re-entry visa without the need to visit the foreign office. They can request for extension of visa through Abshar. Read more: Procedure to Extend Saudi family visit visa, if overstayed is less than 7 months

Why the local citizen inquired about this on Twitter?

According to Akhil newspaper, the confirmation came through the answer of passport department to a local citizen on Twitter where he questioned the authorities about his Saudi expat visa worker extension saying, 

“A foreigner working in my sponsorship went to his country on vacation with a exit re-entry visa, which has been expired as of now due to his overstay, whether it can be extended.”

To which the passport department answered through their official account that,

“The sponsor can extend the expired Exit re-entry visas due to the overstayed of his employee by using the new service available at sponsor’s Absher account for his employee.”

Abshar – the electronic service to facilitate people in the kingdom

The electronic service launched in the earlier decade was launched to assist people living in the country. Initially, a few services were launched. However, it has now diversified as per the recent announcement of December 2019, under which four new functions have been launched among the various 12 launched earlier. One of the critical services was the extension of exit re-entry visas which is made possible by linking the Department of Passport and the Foreign Ministry online. Read more: Validity of the Saudi Family Visit Visa

What will be the benefit of this new service?

The new service of extending exit re-entry visas online will serve beneficial for people who were outside the country and wish to continue their exit re-entry noting that the two conditions are fulfilled.

  • Person’s residence is effective
  • The fee of the previous period is paid

What was the old procedure to extend exit re-entry?

Earlier, Saudi expats used to extend their Exit Re-entry visa through Ministry of Foreign affairs and then the employee used to submit the required documents in Saudi embassy of their home country. Based on this, the exit re-entry was used to be extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Saudi Arabia). Read more: Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry of dependents, if overstayed more than 7 months

Whom to contact in case of any issue in the online extension?

To assist people who are intended to extend their exit re-entry visas can contact at 920020405, in case of technical issue.

We hope the article provided you with the needed information. Spread it with your loved ones abroad so they can enjoy in their homeland as long as they want to without the trouble of going back to the kingdom to extend their exit re-entry. If you have any suggestions regarding what next is to be digitalized in the kingdom, let us know in the comment section below.

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