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Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers during COVID-19 A complete Guide

The world is running in a state of panic and paranoia in this pandemic situation due to COVID-19. This virus has shown everyone the worst of all scenarios, people are becoming more and more aware and conscious about their health and cleanliness. Even though the Middle East is not as affected as compared to other countries, precautions are being taken with full force. In order to protect yourself from this novel Coronavirus taking the necessary steps are very important:

  1. Try not to go out of the house unless very necessary.
  2. Always wear a face mask.
  3. Wear disposable gloves.
  4. Maintain a distance amongst others.
  5. Carry a sanitizer with yourself.
  6. Sanitize your hands every 30 minutes.
  7. Do not touch any commonly contactable things at public places.
  8. Avoid touching your face with your hands directly.

Due to this pandemic there is a huge increase in the demand of hand sanitizers, gloves and face masks, there is a shortage in the stores and supermarkets, but you can always choose to shop for your healthcare online. Many e-commerce sites such as Sprii, Bath & Body Works, Ubuy, Amazon, Desertcart and many more are now selling hand sanitizers and face masks in many designs and varieties. 

Why to Use a Hand Sanitizer?

The tests by WHO (World Health Organization) has shown that hand sanitizers have chemicals like alcohol, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide kills the coronavirus if present on our hands. Since there are no vaccines available for this fatal disease known as COVID-19, everyone is advised to sanitize their hands or wash them every now and then spo that the virus if even present on the hands does not sustain for long and travel to your respiratory system.

Which Sanitizer to Choose?

There are many options available in the market nowadays regarding the most effective sanitizers. Now, know one thing for sure that no sanitizer offers 100% germ protection and not every sanitizer can kill Coronavirus if present on your hand. Hence, WHO, in its report has mentioned 2 types of sanitizers that should be used to prevent and kill Coronavirus before infecting us. These 2 types of hand sanitizers can be:

1). Either a combination of (vol/vol)-

  • Ethanol- 80%
  • glycerin/ glycerol- 1.45%
  • Hydrogen peroxide- 0.125%

2). Or a combination of (vol/vol)

  • Iso-propyl alcohol/ isopropanol- 75%
  • glycerin/glycerol- 1.45%
  • Hydrogen peroxide- 0.125%

These 2 formulations have been proven to inactivate the virus in just 30 seconds by the WHO. So choose your sanitizer wisely as might be a wide range available but not every sanitizer would fulfil the basic needs. These types of sanitizers are easily available at, Amazon, Noon and many more platforms.

Why To Use a Face Mask?

If you still have not understood the reason behind wearing a mask and covering your face in public place, here it is: when a person suffering from the virus sneezes or coughs it spills droplets infected with Coronavirus which comes in contact with your face, mouth, nose or hands and travels to your lungs and infects your respiratory system, Hence the mask prevents the infected droplets to travel to your mouth and respiratory tract and keeps you safe. But the virus can live on your mask for a certain period of time so it is advised to not use the same mask again and rather dispose of it in a proper manner. 

Which face mask should be used for the prevention of Coronavirus?

According to the guidelines of WHO ( World Health Organization) there are majorly 3 types of mask that are recommended to be worn by the people to provide protection against this virus.

1). The Surgical Mask

The surgical or the medical mask is a disposable loose-fitting mask usually used by the doctors or medical professionals in the hospital. It protects the nose and mouth from the droplets or the splashes that may contain the virus in them.

It is also useful to the infected person as it helps to prevent his infected droplets from traveling through air to some other person. These Surgical/Medical Face masks are easily available on Noon, and

2). N95 Masks

N95 masks offer more protection than a cloth mask and a surgical mask. Being a respirator itself, it has the ability to filter out the large as well as the small air particles. It gives 95% protection from germs and harmful viruses such as coronavirus and thus is the best to use during this scenario, hence the name N95.

It has a valve attached on one side of the mask which helps the user to breathe clearly and as the user exhales, the particles are washed off by the breath. But since this mask helps to breathe easily it allows the exhaled air to expose in the atmosphere hence it is not suitable for someone to prevent infecting other people around. SO if you feel you are infected you should better choose a surgical mask and see a doctor ASAP!

3). The Cloth Mask

This type of mask can be made at home by sewing a piece of cloth with string around to help the cloth be on the face properly.

Since there is a shortage in many countries this type of masks are being advised to be people in order to prevent infection by the people. But this type of masks are not advised to be either reused or to be worn for a longer period of time.

We know that the times are tough and the world is at hold, this infection has changed the face of the world but the protection of ourselves and our families is in our own hands and so we need to take precautions in order to be safe and healthy.

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Source: WHO | WebMed

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