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Father Arrested by Saudi Police for beating his 3-year-old Daughter

Parents invest their money and energy into their children as they are a part of their body and souls. But what led a father beat his only 3-year child brutally is a question yet to answer.

What was the Viral Video about?

A video went viral on video where a middle-aged man was beating his daughter badly for not being able to walk. She was only 3 years of age but the angry dad was very cruel.

What was People’s response?

More the people saw that video the more fire it ignited. People were quite angry and shared that video on their accounts with lengthy paragraphs bashing the man and writing to the authorities to take action. Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim condemned the act and said on her Instagram that, Read more: Woman sits on Mating Snakes, gets Bitten and Dies

“First I apologies for publishing painful scenes but I could not ignore the cruelty, lack of humanity and mercy! We demand to hang this devil and everyone who participated in this crime in front of all people and protect the girl child!!! We call on associations and governments to show solidarity to protect children from these disgusting forms!!! As for me, I say God burns you with the fire of hell, son of the streets! @unicef @uniceflebanon #nadinenassibnjeim..”

A Jordanian blogger, Omar Zorba took his stance on Facebook and said that the man is psycho. Read more: House maid sentenced to 300 lashes by the court of Saudi Arabia

What did the Authorities remark?

When the issue took a serious turn with people uprising Khalid Aba Khail, the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development spokesperson said, Read more: A young man arrested by Saudi police for shooting in Riyadh

“The Violence Reporting Center is verifying the video and looking for the man who appeared abusing a child. Colleagues are coordinating with the competent authorities to reach the man. The Saudi child protection system and its executive regulations will be applied to him.”

What did the Prosecution order?

The public prosecution immediately issued an order announcing the quick investigations to find the culprit of the crime through electronic identifiers for their crime information and devices used in it, to reach to the abusive man and arrest him. The prosecution even announces if required to break the social security system to protect individuals especially kids they investigating committees will go to any extent. Read more: Saudi police arrested a man on charges of sexual harassment

in Saudi Arabia a man beats his young daughter severely

Posted by Karim Benmauri Karim on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Was the Culprit arrested?

The police department went into action and found the angry young man and arrested him after the viral video of beating his young girl went on social networking sites. Read more: Two Saudi Men Arrested for Dancing While Waiting at a Red Traffic light

What are the Police remarks?

The local report said, that the police remarked the man was some 40 years old Palestine passport holder and was a culprit. He was caught from Dar al Bayda neighborhood at the South of Riyadh. Legal action will be taken against him. However, his four kids will be under the custody of the respected authorities. Read more: Saudi Teacher in Trouble After Taking Kids to Witness Washing of the Dead body

What Future Aspects did they suggest?

The spokesperson of the Riyadh police said that they will have a keen eye on the security of the homeland, citizen, and expatriates. They will keep in strict rules, forces and regulations for anyone who will try to breach the borderline of security, safety, and stability of the society. 

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Source: Al-Arabiya

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