Five Locations in Saudi Arabia Where Parking is Completely Disallowed

For any car owner, parking a car is one of the most troublesome tasks. Proper car parking area eliminates traffic and road accidents, so it actually benefits the society.

Not only is a highly advanced parking system plays an important role in many aspects of our lives, but it has also played a vital role in traffic control. We can change our lives in a tremendous manner with the help of advanced parking systems.

For the residents of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Traffic Department (Morror) gives the particular statement about car parking areas.

Five (5) Locations Where Parking will be Fined

In Saudi Arabia, traffic violations, charges, and penalties are regularly addressed by the national authorities to provide drivers and pedestrians with a secure environment. In order to protect drivers and even provide safety requirements for traffic, the Saudi traffic department (Morror) identified the five locations where parking will be fined.

The Saudi Traffic Department (Morror) identified the five (5) locations in a statement

The Saudi traffic department (Morror) says,

There are five (5) places where parking is prohibited. Those who park in such places will be fined.

According to the Saudi traffic department (Morror) in a statement on Twitter has identified five (5) places where parking would be a traffic violation and a fine.

All the Five (5) Places where Parking is Prohibited

Following are the five (5) places mentioned by Saudi Traffic Department (Morror) to avoid parking otherwise it definitely charged you a heavy fine.

  1. Vehicles cannot be parked at road junctions.
  2. At any road bend or end of road.
  3. Parking less than 7 meters from the fire brigade’s water points.
  4. 4.Parking less than 20 meters from the bridge or underpass.
  5. And parking on roads with yellow sidewalks.

By avoiding the parking in above mention locations, the citizens can save themselves from fine. By following the proper parking system, it not only does provide the protection and security for car drivers, but it also provides us with an efficient car parking method that is definitely quick and easy for us. Therefore, like parking system in Saudi Arab, all nations must concentrate on developing the car parking system.

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