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Fly in Saudi Arabia up to the maximum height of 3,000 feet through Gyrocopter

A few months ago my friends called me to go somewhere for fun and adventure. Mostly we spend our weekend in Jeddah and by chance, it was a Saturday morning. Every Saturday my friends and I go somewhere just to collect some memories together.

One Saturday when we decided where to go then, suddenly we saw a Gyrocopter flying in the sky, flying Gyrocopter looks very adventurous and we finally decided to go for this entertainment.

What is Gyrocopter and How it looks like?

A Gyrocopter is a cross between an airplane and a helicopter. The Gyrocopter actually looks like a small helicopter and can do virtually anything which a helicopter can. The Gyroplanes can be purchased and operated for less than some motorcycles. Look wise, Actually the Gyrocopters are open cockpit and we can call them as “The Motorbikes of the sky”.

How Far and High the Gyrocopter can go in the Sky?

The Gyrocopters are not capable of flying very high and far in the sky, however, most Gyrocopters can fly up to 3,000 feet higher from the ground.

Who invented the Gyrocopter?

The West Sky Academy is an aviation club that was founded by Muhammad AlGarni, chief pilot and instructor in training and flying Gyrocopter . It was undiscovered by most people but the pilot is very passionate about flying. He launched the academy in 2011.

Where we can for a Gyrocopter Ride in Saudi Arabia?

The academy is located in Jeddah hidden in the northern plains of Jeddah in Al Mohmmediah district near Red Sea mall, after though training for a few days. We finally experienced to fly in a Gyrocopter . We realized that our dream comes true. We will never forget that fly feeling. Here I want to share my flying experience. Many people don’t know about Gyrocopter.

Google Map Location of the Academy which provides the Gyrocopter Rides

Experienced pilot accompanies you for A Gyrocopter Ride

Chief pilot is very passionate and love for flying Gyrocopter. This academy provides opportunities for casual rides with family and friends, with each ride costing 350 riyals per person. The 30-hour course is stretched over a span of a month, costing 800 riyals per hour.

Reasons to try a Gyrocopter

There are many reasons to fly in the sky. Living in Saudi Arabia, the source of entertainment is either visiting the Malls, eating good food in a restaurant or spending some time on the corniche (Sea Side).

A ride in the Gyrocopter allows you to diversify your choice of entertainment and experience something for which people used to visit western countries before to have such kinds of fun and activities. However, we have listed down certain reasons for our frequent website readers to know why they must visit this place for a ride on Gyrocopter:

1). Pleasant season in Jeddah

I love to enjoy all seasons but I love the winter season. So, I don’t want to miss the chance to fly in winter, people come here to enjoy the winter season mostly.  So many people come and enjoy this fun activity of flying Gyrocopter. Because it is for everyone and also for children of all ages.

2). A Gyrocopter look like a helicopter

A gyro looks like a helicopter to the layperson but differs in two fundamental ways. The rotor blades are not turned by an engine, but by the gyro’s forward motion through the air. Gyroplanes have somewhat different flying and performance characteristics to fixed-wing aircraft. They have high drag and are therefore relatively slow, with typical cruise speeds of between 50 and 60 kt.

3). The View from Sky is Spectacular

One of the coolest thing about a Gyrocopter is its ability to take lower speed and altitude which are actually necessary to remain in the air, whereas a Gyrocopter can fly or hover from a standstill in any direction from any altitude. There is no better way to get an intimate view from above for your favorite areas like Arabian Sea and places in urban center.

4). It’s Exciting to fly higher

Flying high is exciting for dreamers, who actually loves to fly high, there is no better chance than this for fly higher. Gyrocopter is the best way to fly higher. The bad thing is that Gyro has only 2 person seats and we were 5 friends who actually went for the ride, therefore, we faced some difficulties but it’s all good. I was flown like a bird that was the happiest moment for me.

5). How high can gyrocopter fly?

A Gyrocopter can climb to several thousand feet. For these experiences, you will be flying at around 1000ft in your Gyrocopter . The Gyrocopter can reach an altitude of 5,000 ft. MSL respectively 3,000 ft. with a turbo engine, it is possible to reach an altitude of 14,000 ft.

Is Gyrocopter dangerous?

I asked the same question to my instructor, According to him, they guarantee that their full-time Instructors are highly professional in what they do and they try their best for flying safe with you as much as humanly possible. The Gyrocopter itself is known to be one of the world’s safest aircraft. Even if the engine would fail completely a Gyro would still keep on flying due to its unique ability of auto-rotation (Self-Propelling Rotors).

What happens if the weather is bad?

If weather conditions are not good for flying, the pilot or instructor will cancel and postpone the ride. According to the instructor, if they cannot fly you over the following 3 days due to the bad weather, they actually fully refund the payment.

The flight instructor also said that all our Flight Instructors are experts in Meteorology and are always well informed about the latest weather observations. Because safety is their priority.

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