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GACA Issues Guidelines for Domestic Flights Starting from May 31, 2020

Since more than 4 months the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread and handicapped the life of people across the world. With time, the people have understood that they have to adapt the new lifestyle to survive and continue their living else they will surely be dusted and rusted to death. Saudi Arabia has eased their curfew for the citizens and Saudi expats.

Even though, the international flight system hasn’t started yet however, domestic flight operations have begun with necessary precautions. What are those precautions? Read in the article below.

Guidelines for Domestic Travelling Within Country

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has issued detailed guidelines for those traveling on domestic flights, making it necessary for everyone to follow. Among these guidelines are the medical masks and sanitizers that must be used. Those who do not wear masks will not be allowed boarding.

What did the GACA said in his official statement?

According to The Saudi news agency SPA, General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) said in a statement issued that,

Domestic air travelers must wear medical masks and gloves. Passengers are asked to come to the airport no more than two hours from the flight.

What are the Other SOPs Advised by the GACA?

The SOPs issued by Aviation include,

  • Gloves and masks should be used during flight and after disembarking.
  • Sanitizers have been provided at all airports in the country so that passengers can have their hands permanently sanitized.
  • Tickets for domestic travel can only be purchased online.
  • The temperature of all passengers arriving at the airport must be monitored.
  • Passengers who refuse to have their temperature checked or do not wear a mask will not be allowed to travel.
  • Passengers must be clear about their medical condition when booking a flight that they do not have the corona virus.
  • Any passenger will be allowed to carry only one piece for hand carry which does not weigh more than 7 kg.
  • Avoid using currency notes as much as possible.
  • Try to use a bank debit or credit card.
  • Pay special attention to social distance when boarding and disembarking.

What are the Other Necessary Guidelines Given by GACA?

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has directed the management of all airports in the country to ensure the sanitation process of the airport every 3 hours. Further, special drums have been set up by Civil Aviation at all airports to dispose of masks and gloves in which used masks or gloves can be inserted. Special instruction is given to passengers to dispose of gloves and masks in those special drums.

Indeed, it is important for the passengers and the staff to take care of the precautions to prevent themselves and their loved ones from the deadly virus else this virus will only spread and eat away the happiness and peace of people around us.

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