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GOSI Benefits for Saudi Expat Workers in Saudi Arabia

GOSI Benefits for Expatriate

Brief Overview of GOSI

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is a Saudi Arabian government agency concerned with social insurance in the country. GOSI is supervised by a board of directors from government departments, employers and insured persons.

In this article, we have explained the rights and GOSI benefits for Saudi expats working in Saudi Arabia.

Calculation of GOSI

Calculations for the GOSI are based on earning of an employee (Basic Salary + Housing Allowance) of a particular Organization. Calculations are divided into 2 categories:

  1. GOSI for Saudi Nationals.
  2. GOSI for Saudi expats.

GOSI Benefits for Saudi Expats

All the residents living in Saudi Arabia should know the rights and GOSI benefits for Saudi expats available to them, especially in case of the injury to any Saudi expat at work or any other kind of permanent disability occurred due to the sudden accidents at work. GOSI ensures to compensate such affected workers with all the available and reasonable financial assistance. Read more: List of Heavy Fines on Saudi Employer Up to SR 25,000

The followings are certain cases which should be known to the Saudi expat workers in Saudi Arabia as it will assist them to avail their rights from the GOSI authorities.

Injury to a Saudi Expat at Work

Saudi Arabia’s General Organization for Social Insurance or GOSI has always reiterated that it will bear the cost of living of any Saudi expat worker who is injured at work, Daily Al-Madina reported on Sunday. Read more: Saudi Expats Can Report Marking Them Absent from Work in Saudi Arabia

In case, if any worker has been injured and he is in desperate need of financial assistance, Such person will be entitled to receive around 50% of insurance claims with a maximum ceiling of SAR 3,500 per month according to the GOSI regulations.

However, if a worker objects to the preliminary medical report, he will be responsible to bear his expenses as long as his objection is under review. Recommended: Employees entitled for leaves as per Saudi Labor Law

Permanent Disability to the Saudi Expat Workers

If any worker injuries and the said injury lead to his permanent disability, GOSI will ultimately bear the travel expenses of the worker to his/her home country.

Also, as per GOSI, the entire compensation will be paid to the worker before he/she leaves Saudi Arabia for his/her home country. Read: SR.1 Million Fine and 15-Years Jail For Threatening Employees At Workplace in Saudi Arabia

However, if a worker objects to the preliminary medical report, he will be responsible to bear his expenses as long as his objection is under review.

Injury to the Saudi Expat Worker in Case of Traffic Accident

The followings are two kinds of accidents that are also considered by GOSI as an injury to the Saudi expat worker:

  1. Where a Saudi expat worker is injured due to a traffic accident during his/her way to the workplace or back home from work, such cases will be considered as a work injury and will be compensated accordingly.
  2. Where a Saudi expat worker is injured and hit by the car during his way to have food or on his way to pray in a nearby mosque during his duty timings.

Repatriation of Dead Body of a Saudi Expat Worker

According to the GOSI regulations, in case, where a Saudi expat worker is died due to the work injury, all the cost of repatriating his/her body back to his home country will be borne by the GOSI. This cost will include the cost of Ghusl (washing) and other related expenses. Recommended: Probationary Period (Articles 53 and 54) According to Saudi Labor law

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