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Grace Period for Saudi Iqama Renewal

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Grace Period for Saudi Iqama Renewal

Each and every resident in Saudi Arabia must ensure the renewal of Saudi Iqama before or on its due date. The Saudi Jawazat has allowed a grace period of 3 days exceeding the Saudi Iqama renewal date during which no fine or penalty will be imposed.

Fine for Not Renewing Saudi Iqama on Time or During Grace Period

The followings are the kinds of penalties for not renewing Saudi Iqama within the time deadline.

First Time Failure

For any resident who fails to renew the Saudi Iqama within its due date or during the grace period offered by the Saudi Jawazat as mentioned above will be subject to a fine of SR. 500 against the delaying of Saudi Iqama renewal.

Second Time Failure

Violation on second time will be increased to SR. 1,000.

Third Time Failure

Violation on the third time, the fee will remain the same (i.e. SR.1,000) and the Saudi expat will be repatriated. Read more: Saudi expats will face fine and deportation in case of failure to renew Saudi Iqama

According to Saudi Jawazat,

There will not be any fee for the transfer of data (Naqal Maumat) from an old passport to the new one.

Fine for Cancelling the Exit Re-Entry

In case, where the Saudi Iqama holders issue the exit re-entry and fail to travel and consequently request Saudi Jawazat to cancel the exit re-entry, such cancellations will face the fine amounting to SR. 1,000. Read more: Grace Period For Final Exit Visas After Saudi Iqama Expires

Saudi Iqama Renewal Fee of Foreign Wife of Saudi Husband

The fee for the renewal of Saudi Iqama of a foreign wife of Saudi husband is SR. 500 a year.

We highly recommend that the aforementioned issues must be seriously addressed by the Saudi Iqama holders in the Kingdom. Each one of them must ensure the proper renewal, payment of Iqama fees and availing of grace period in case, if the due date has expired against preventing themselves from further penalties or strict legal actions.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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