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Grace Period to Renew Istimara in Saudi Arabia

The Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia has announced the period of permission for the renewal of vehicle registration (Istimara) in the kingdom. It must be done within two (2) months from the date of expiry. However, the citizen was worried that how can this be done within such a short period. To save them from the hurdles the government announced that they can renew their license and vehicle registrations online. From where can they get it done? Are there any conditions that should be met before renewing? To know more, read the article below.

Where can they get it done Online?

The vehicle registrations (Istimara) can be renewed online through the ‘Absher’ portal that will facilitate citizens & Saudi expats and will save time and effort of citizens and expatriates.

What does the Authority have to say about the Conditions?

According to the traffic authorities,

The kingdom requires several conditions that must be met first for those wishing to renew their vehicle registration online.

What are those Conditions?

The conditions that should be fulfilled to renew the vehicle registrations (Istimara) include:

  1. All dues of traffic violations must be paid.
  2. Valid car Insurance.
  3. Paying registration (Istimara) renewal fee.

What will Happen if the Renewal is Delayed?

If the grace period of 60 days for the renewal of vehicle registrations is delayed then a fine will be imposed which must be paid.

How much will be Fine?

A fine of 100 Saudi riyals will be imposed for each year of delay.

The following rules were defined by the Saudi Ministry of Interior so that the citizens can get their vehicle registration renewed before time. For more information and inquiry regarding different news, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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