Hackers target WhatsApp users in Saudi Arabia with new phone scam

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With the rise of digital media, the lives of people have become more comfortable. Where the world is connected under the umbrella of a global village, the people have learnt new techniques to process their black market. Since, these social platforms an everyday necessity for people, they forget how easily their information and thus lives can be at risks.

We put all our information without thinking for a second, click several sites and links without knowing their consequences and these random clicking and sending results in life-threatening situations. Previously only the spam SMS and calls caused people to lose their money from accounts, but not the hackers have turned their heads to Whatsapp, the most common platform on social media.

How are they tricking people on Whatsapp? And how to prevent from the hacker’s tricks? A Technology expert has actually given a complete guideline on it. Read the article below to get to know about it.

The new hacking system through codes and links on Whatsapp

The citizens and the expatriates of Saudi Arabia can be at trouble with the rising hacking cases on WhatsApp. The hackers send a message requesting a system or joining a group or copy of their ATM card to deposit an amount of money through an unknown number. The users communicate and function accordingly without thinking of consequences.

According to a technology specialist, once the hackers receive a code, he can easily use the victim’s device, send messages to his contact list and ask for money transfers.

What is the solution to this dark side of technology?

The secretary-general of Saudi banks, media and awareness committee, refers to hacking as a part of the dark side of technology. He said,

You get links through emails or SMS or WhatsApp text. By interacting with them, users get in the trap and risk getting their devices hacked,

According to the experts, the simplest way to prevent these hackers is never to interact or never respond to messages which ask users to follow some link or to enter any code. Read more: A Saudi Whatsapp Admin arrested due to Harassment

Saudi authorities take preventive measures against hacking

To aware people about such spam messages that carry programs which can pull data from users phones, Saudi banks, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, all mobile phone operators and the Capital Market Authority regularly send warning messages to the public.

In the message, they requested people not answer to any of these messages and report any suspicious message to the unified number 330330 via SMS. If users think that their bank details have been hacked, they should call their bank to take the proper action such as cancelling bank cards. Users should make sure that they never reveal their bank account password or card details. Read more: New updates on Whatsapp to ease Saudi callers

Remarks of the higher authorities on this initiative

The higher authorities told media that a positive response is gained from the public about the awareness campaigns. It is further said,

Even though there is a huge number of frauds worldwide, the Saudi financial system including the banking system has the world lowest fraud taking place in the system compared to the huge number of transactions taking place daily through different channels,

What are the essential guidelines to be considered to prevent from any hacking?

Information security assistant professor at the College of Computer and Information Sciences, and  Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University, Dr Talal Albalawi gave several guidelines for the public if they suspect any hacking. Read more: New Feature: Now Nobody Can Add You on Any Whatsapp Group Without Your Permission

  1. If you cannot log into your WhatsApp account on your phone, try logging in from the WhatsApp desktop app to check if your account is hacked.
  2. Delete the app, download it again and register again using the same phone number and SIM card used for the first time. This will log out the hacker because WhatsApp does not allow for two logins at the same time to the same account.
  3. Inform your family and friends that your account has been hacked to prevent any further theft and damage.
  4. Use the following steps to secure your Whatsapp as a precautionary measure to avoid hacking
  5. Two-step verification, which is recommended for any app to make it more difficult for hackers to hack accounts. In such settings, you are required to enter your PIN when registering a new phone with your mobile number. You are required to re-enter the PIN at random timing again to make sure that the account is not compromised
  6. If you log in using WhatsApp web, make sure to logout when your session is finished.
  7. Use app lock which allows you to put you PIN whenever you use Whatsapp or any other application.
  8. Check Point Research, which provides cyber security solutions, has announced a new vulnerability that is tested on WhatsApp. The damage can lead to crashing of the app for all members of a particular group. To overcome this problem, users need to uninstall and reinstall the application and delete the group that contains the message.

Follow the guidelines and keep your data save. The black technology is worst with its blackmailing and personal access o your documents. Keep a check on your activities and prevent any unknown messages or calls. Spread the article within your circle so everyone can benefit with the precautionary measures given by the technologists.

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Source: Arab News

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