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Horrifying Fire explosion in Madinah, Saudi Arabia

The incidence of fire explosion has become very common nowadays. At times it takes away hundreds of lives and at times it only terrorizes people in the vicinity. A similar accident happened in the holy city of the kingdom, Madinah Munawwara. Read all the details about the horrifying explosion at the petrol pump in the article below.

The reason behind the terrible incident

The terrible incident occurred at a petrol station’s underground tank in Madinah Munawwara. The gas pressure in the underground tank was so strong that it blew up the tank’s lid and floor and resulted in an explosion.

People at the incident were affected by the explosion

According to the CCTV footage which was made by the cameras installed at the gas station went viral on social media, the personnel at the station were scared away by the explosion. One person, who was filling petrol, drove the vehicle immediately after the explosion occurred.

As per the people at the nearby places, the explosion was so intense that they could hear voices at a distant place from the gas station. However, no causalities have been reported from the blast.

The after comes off the fire explosion reported

Due to the explosion, the tank cover fell several feet apart and the concrete floor of the tank collapsed. The civil defense sealed the petrol station immediately. Investigations are underway on the terrible incident.

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