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House maid sentenced to 300 lashes by the court of Saudi Arabia

We have heard so many news about mistreatment of house maids or servants especially females all over the world but it is very rare we have come across that the house maids mistreated or did not do well with their employers or the ones he or she has been serving.

Both the acts of mistreatment either from the employers or the house maids are condemnable and are not really appreciated. There are special laws which actually safeguard both the parties to refer to the court of law in case of any continuous or major mistreatment.

The House Maid used to pour her urine in all the food she cooked

Recently, the issue came across the knowledge of many where it was found that one of the house maids used to pour her urine in the food of her employers. The pouring of her urine was not limited to the food she used to cook but also she used to pour her urine while preparing soup and tea since long. Read more: A young man arrested by Saudi police for shooting in Riyadh

Why she used to pour her Urine in the family’s food?

When the police arrested the house maid after the family reported her misconduct as explained above, she was inquired of her such wrong doing and misconduct. She was asked as why did she opt for such misconduct and put the lives of the family members in danger through providing unhygienic food. Read more: Imam Masjid in UAE sentenced to prison after raping a boy 9 times

She replied that the family used to mistreat her and their behavior towards her not good, therefore, she decided to start pouring her urine in their food as an act of revenge.

How Family actually caught that the food contains Urine?

The family first became aware of the misconduct after they smelled something weird in the food they were eating. On inquiring about the bad smell, the house maid said she was unaware of it. Read more: A man fires gun at road saher (camera) in viral video, arrested by Saudi Police

The concerned family came across a bottle of yellow liquid in the house, and on confronting the maid, she admitted that it was her urine.

Do you know the verdict announced by a criminal court in Saudi Arabia

The family filed a case against her for such an obnoxious act and the court sentenced the house maid for one and a half year prison along with the 300 lashes for putting her urine in the food she cooked for the family she worked for. Her appeal for waiving off the prison and lashes were recently refused by the court and the actual order of the court was upheld. Read more: Saudi police arrested a man on charges of sexual harassment

The House maid will be deported after serving her prison

According to reports, the house maid will be deported after serving her sentence as well as being banned from entering the Kingdom again.

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Source: SabqKhaleej Times

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