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How Can Expats Come to Saudi Arabia from Travel-Restricted Countries?

Due to the second wave of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government has imposed a ban on people from 20 countries, including Pakistan, from entering the country from February 2, 2021, but citizens of those countries who resided in the kingdom were allowed to return to their home country. can go.

However, on May 30, 2021, passengers from 11 of the 20 countries were granted conditional permission. These include the United Arab Emirates, Germany, the United States, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Japan. For more, keep reading.

Conditions for Travelers from these Countries to Travel to Saudi Arabia

Travelers from these 11 countries are allowed to come on the following conditions that,

  1. They have received one of the four corona vaccines approved in the country, at least 14 days after the first dose of the vaccine.
  2. Only those people who have recovered from Corona and have not been healed for more than 6 months can travel.
  3. Passengers who have not been vaccinated will be required to quarantine the hotel at their own expense and undergo a PCR test on the seventh day.

Ban of Countries

On May 30th, the ban on 11 out of 20 countries was lifted but the ban on visitors from nine (9) countries, including Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and India, remains in place. Read more: Procedure to Register Online Vaccination Status for Expatriates Coming Outside the Kingdom

Latest Ban of Countries

On July 04th, Saudi Arabia has banned 4 countries Ethiopia, UAE, Vietnam and Afghanistan over coronavirus concerns, which means Saudi expats who are willing to come to Saudi Arabia and intend to quarantine themselves in the above 4 mentioned countries will not be allowed to enter into Saudi Arabia. Read more: Saudi Jawazat Clarifies the Condition Based on Which Final Exit Visa Will be Issued

List of Banned Countries by Saudi Arabia

  1. Argentina
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Brazil
  4. Egypt
  5. Ethiopia
  6. India
  7. Indonesia
  8. Lebanon
  9. Pakistan
  10. South Africa
  11. Turkey
  12. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  13. Vietnam

Question Asked by a Citizen

A person tweeted that “I am in Egypt at the moment and I have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine, AstraZeneca. Can I come to the country after staying in Bahrain for 14 days and do I have to quarantine after coming to the country?

Reply by Saudi Jawazat

Saudi Jawazat answered the question by saying that,

“Anyone coming to Saudi Arabia must not have been to Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Indonesia, UAE, Ethiopia and Vietnam at least 14 days before arriving in the country.”

In response to a question from Saudi Jawazat, a period of 14 days has been fixed with the entry of the names of the countries included in the banned list.

That is, even those from Pakistan who have been vaccinated in the country, if they stay for two weeks in countries from which there is no ban on the arrival of passengers, then they are allowed to come to the country in the light of the response given by the permits on Twitter.

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