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How Long is the Blacklist for Deportation from Saudi Arabia?

Readers are being sent questions on various topics. In the episode under review, inquiries have been made regarding jails and prisoners. Some people have questioned who is blacklisted under Saudi law and for how long they are barred from returning to the kingdom.

What is the Way Back for a ‘Blacklist Person’ is it Possible to Go or Not?

Hussain Alsayed discovers that he was deported from Saudi Arabia through the prison at the end of 2018, now he wants to go to Saudi Arabia again. As many people can’t find a good job or source of income in their homelands that’s why they go abroad.

According to Saudi Arabia Residence Law

Residence laws in Saudi Arabia are clear. Detailed articles have been published in various news about this, but as far as the question is concerned, it is not clear because they have mentioned that they have been deported through the jail. You were an illegal resident.

Blacklisting is also Based on Periods

There is a need for a little clarification of the law of deportation because, under the residency laws, those who are arrested and have not committed any other crime are blacklisted for 3 years. It may be revoked after the said period, but the sentence may vary depending on the nature of the violation and what note has been written by the investigating officer regarding the sentence.

In some cases, it is blacklisted for 5 to 10 years. During this period, the convicted person cannot return to the country on any visa. If such people try to return to the country, they are deported from the airport.

The Period Based Blacklisters can Return

If you have been deported only as a punishment for violating the residency rules (like Expiry of Saudi Iqama or Employer makes a Huroob), you can return after the above period. However, if the case is different and any kind of violation has been recorded, then the investigation On the recommendation of the officer, you are also fined and blacklisted. This will depend on the report that you have been told at the time of deportation that you cannot come to the country on a visa for such a long time.

The Prisoners are Well Informed

In Saudi Arabia, according to the law, people who are involved in a crime are sentenced by a court, which includes imprisonment and a fine, but those people are deported only after completing their sentence. They are also informed about this while deporting. Penalties for violating labour and residence laws vary depending on the discretion of the investigating officer as to the nature of the case and the nature of the violation.

In the current situation, as long as the Corona virus epidemic persists, it is not possible to say how long flights from abroad will be resumed. However, as far as returning of the Blacklisters is concerned, it shows that most of them have been deported only for violating the residency laws, which is punishable by 3 years. And they can return after that. For more information visit our website more frequently.

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