Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

How Long will the Mask and Social Distance be Restricted After Vaccination?

After the development of COVID-19 vaccine and its useful effects, the questions which come in the mind are like do you still have to wear a mask after COVID-19 vaccine? Do you need to continue prevention measures like social distancing and following SOPs? For knowing the answers of these queries, you must have to read the complete news below:

How Long the Precautionary Measures will Continue?

The Ministry of Health said that,

The implementation of the rules set for the prevention of corona is likely to continue till June 2021.

The Biggest Vaccination Campaign in the History!

The Ministry of health added that, The vaccination campaign launched in the country is not only beneficial for country but also the biggest campaign in the history of the world that has never been done before.

Vaccination of 50 to 60% of Country’s Population Indicates the Success of Campaign!

He added that,

If the vaccination campaign is successful, that is 50 to 60 per cent of the country’s population is vaccinated, it can be said that we can relax the SOPs, but it will take a long time.

Referring to vaccination, he said that

I do not think that the use of masks and the practice of social distance can be abolished before June 2021.

Remarks of Dr. Jokhdar Referring to Vaccinaton Centers

Referring to the vaccination centers, He said,

Vaccination centers will start functioning in most cities of the country from next January.

Thirty Thousand People will be Vaccinated Daily!

He added that

The vaccination center, which was inaugurated in Jeddah on Thursday, December 24, would be further extended to allow 30,000 people a day to be vaccinated.

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