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How Much Cash or Gold Can I Carry From Saudi Airlines

As the restrictions on international flights in Saudi Arabia is lifted, a large number of passengers are travelling in and out of the country. Due to this, the Saudi Public Prosecution has issued a warning to Saudi citizens and Saudi expats who are carrying cash abroad. Why is it important to report the counter about the cash? What is the limit for carrying cash abroad? Keep reading.

Report About the Cash to the Counter

According to the sources,

Every passenger who is carrying 60,000 riyals or more in cash or in the form of jewelry and gold should first report to the counter.

Why is Informing the Counter is Important?

According to the agency, taking more than the said amount of cash could lead to suspicion of money laundering and could be prosecuted. They further added, Read more: List of 24 Prohibited Items to Bring (Import) in Saudi Arabia

It is the responsibility of the passenger to provide correct information at the counter in this regard. Providing incorrect information also raises the suspicion of money laundering.

With the resumption of international flights in Saudi Arabia and the permission of citizens to travel abroad, large numbers of citizens are flocking to various cities. In this regard, the Public Prosecution has issued an explanation regarding the prescribed limit for carrying cash. For more inquires, visit our website. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news. Stay safe. Read more: How Much Zamzam Water Can be Brought Back from Saudi Arabia?

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