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How Much Zamzam Water Can be Brought Back from Saudi Arabia?

Zamzam Water in 5 Riyal

People from Saudi Arabia, whether they are Umrah pilgrims or ordinary people, always take Zamzam water with them. However, the government has made special arrangements for those carrying Zamzam for which “Shah Fahd Zamzam Project” has been set up where Zamzam is supplied in special bottles.

Also, a permanent supply of Zamzam water has been ensured in the water coolers, especially for those visiting the two holy shrines.

The Price for a 10-litre Zamzam Water Bottle

The Zamzam project in the Kudai area of ​​Makkah Mukarramah is located on a large area where a 10-litre bottle is available for 5 riyals.

Zamzam Water Supply in the Days of Corona

The Zamzam project was also temporarily shut down in March 2020 as a precautionary measure after cases of the coronavirus surfaced. During the curfew imposed as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus, the Zamzam project started providing Zamzam water online for the convenience of the people of Makkah.

Change in the Price Due to Coronavirus

Well-known supermarkets were later given the option to sell bottles of Zamzam water in their stores so that people could easily buy Zamzam water. A 5-litre can of Zamzam water is being sold in the supermarket for 5.50 riyals, while before the ban on Corona, the 10-litre water of Zamzam used to be sold in Makkah Mukarramah for 5 riyals. Read more: List of 24 Prohibited Items to Bring (Import) in Saudi Arabia

Special Packing for Those Going Abroad

According to the instructions of Civil Aviation, the Zamzam Project has prepared special bottles for 5 litres of Zamzam, which are packaged in special ‘cardboard’ boxes, keeping in view the travel requirements.

Zamzam Supply Centre in Jeddah International Airport

The Jeddah International Terminal has set up the Zamzam Supply Center for the convenience of international passengers where water is supplied to passengers in special packets as per the instructions of Civil Aviation. A passenger can buy a packet from the Zamzam Supply Center at the airport. Passenger’s passport is checked at the supply centre when buying Zamzam water packets. Read more: NWC Announces to Supply Zamzam Water in 5 Liter Containers

How Much Water can a Passenger Carry?

Passengers are allowed to carry a 5-litre pack at the airport’s Zamzam supply centre free of charge under the rules approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. However, in addition to each additional can will be charged under the cargo principle. Zamzam water is not allowed to be packed in boxes or luggage. 

Passenger Tag with the Zamzam Packet

Packets of Zamzam water are identical while they are kept in a special counter at the airport. Each packet has a passenger tag, but most of the time passengers complain that they do not get Zamzam water at their station.

What Should be Done if one Does not Get their Zamzam Water Packet in their Home Country?

Passengers who do not get Zamzam water in their home country should carry a luggage tag which also has the number of the tag on the water Zamzam packet. In case someone does not get Zamzam water at their station, they can lodge a complaint with the airline. It is the airline’s responsibility to deliver passengers’ luggage safely. Some people are not aware of this and they leave when they do not get Zamzam water.

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