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How to Apply for Final Exit of Saudi Expat After Sponsor’s Death?

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In Saudi Arabia, the rule of the sponsor/ kafeel is supreme. You have to obey them, work according to them, and you are entirely dependent on them. You cannot change your job or leave the country without their permission. These stringent rules have made it tough for Saudi expats to work in the kingdom. But the hub of employment has attracted these Saudi expats so strongly that they are ready to face every hardship.

Recently, the news becomes the headline when the order was issued to restrict the sponsorship system to allow freedom to Saudi expats working in the kingdom. However, the decision could not stand long and immediately reverted. Being dependent on the sponsor/ kafeel, you need to turn to him every single time for every only thing. But have you ever thought what will happen if the sponsor/ kafeel is lost?

How will you change the sponsorship if the sponsor/ kafeel is not willing? What could be the possible outcome in the case if the sponsor/ kafeel is dead? These all are some of the fundamental questions that require adequate answers. So don’t worry as we are going to answer them one by one. This article explains the crucial issue of final exit after the sponsor’s death. So scroll down and read the article.

Sponsor/ Kafeel Rules Everything in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the kafeel in the public language is called a sponsor/ kafeel, and in the official language, it is called as an employer. Either the name, the sponsor/ kafeel, has a great set of responsibility. Read more: Can a Sponsor issue final exit visa for a Saudi expat when he left KSA on Exit Re-entry?

What is the Rising Concern of Saudi Expats in the Kingdom?

According to the local newspaper, hundreds of Saudi expat workers find it extremely difficult when suddenly their sponsor’s death occurs. Without a sponsor/kafeel, they cannot approach government agencies or return to their home country without terminating their employment contract. Read more: No more separate final exit visa required for the Saudi expat family

What did a Saudi Expat ask the Saudi Jawazat?

An Indian driver sent a question to the Department Passport (Saudi Jawazay) website saying that,

My sponsored lady had died 19 months ago. What do I want to get home on the final exit?

What did the Saudi Jawazat Reply?

The passport department (Saudi Jawazat) stated in response to his question saying,

In such a case, a Saudi expatriate worker can make a final exit through one of his sponsor’s heirs. This will require a joint application from a Saudi expat worker and one of the sponsor’s heirs.

Although, it is a tough job searching for heirs of the sponsor to apply for the final exit, this the only way to leave the kingdom. So it is better to have a solution than being helpless. May no expatriate gets into this troubling situation. We wish everyone working in other countries a safe living. Please share the article in your circle so the maximum can benefit from the desired information.

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