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How to Check Saudi Iqama/Muqeem Validity Date Online?

Saudi Iqama Validity

Each and Every Saudi expat living inside the Kingdom always get in need to check the status of his/her Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem validity date.

Specially, when the Saudi expat has recently arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he/she eagerly starts waiting to obtain the Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem card from the company and then to check whether the details on the Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem card are appearing online as well and its validity and other related details are fine or not.

Also, it is used at the time of renewing the Saudi Iqama or where the Saudi Iqama renewal date is approaching nearby, the Saudi Iqama holder needs to know the exact date of the expiry of the Iqama or Muqeem expiry date for its timely renewal. Read more: Grace period for Saudi Iqama renewal

Just remember after the inception of dependent fees, it is very much required to be aware of the Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem validity or expiry date as each Saudi Iqama holder needs to ensure whether he or she has the required funds required per dependent for the renewal of their Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem as well. Read more: Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry for dependents in the home country

May be in some cases, many people need to arrange the required fund through borrowing or manage them through monthly savings in order to pay the required dependent fees for Saudi Iqama renewal. Read more: Grace period for final exit visas after Saudi Iqama expires

Brief Steps to Check the Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem Validity Date

The followings listed are brief steps which will guide you to check the status of your Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem validity.

  1. You need to visit the Ministry of Interior website (Click here) specially designed to facilitate the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats so that they can know the required details for them and their family members. The following is the required link which you need to click to proceed further MOI
  2. Once you click on the above mentioned link, it will take you to the different web page where it will appear to enter the required Saudi Iqama number and as well as the Captcha code (Just a check whether its accessed by robot or normal website visit in order to save the website form the unauthorized access or hacking). Read more: Transfer of Saudi Visit Visa in to Saudi Iqama
  3. After entering the Saudi Iqama number as well the Captcha code, you need to click on the button named as “View”. Once you have clicked on the view button it will provide you the Saudi Iqama or Muqeem Validity date in the required box. 
  4. Just remember, the validity date of your Saudi Iqama or Muqeem is normally displayed on the screen as follows: YYYY/MM/DD. Remember that the Hijiri Date will be used to display the expiry date. Read more:Tourist Visas Opened by Saudi Arabia

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