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How to Claim Lost or Damage Luggage at Saudi Arabia Airports

Many of our frequent readers keep asking to write in detail the complete procedures related to the lost of baggage or in case of claim of the baggage where it has been damaged.

Based on the request, we have enlisted below the complete procedure and the relevant steps required to fulfill to report the lost baggage and the filing of the claim in case the baggage has been damaged.

Steps involved in claiming the damaged baggage or to report the lost baggage

Very often we all have heard about the lost and damage of baggage while travelling, though the cases in Saudi Arabia are very rare, and that is why we are giving a brief procedure and instructions issued by the Saudi Arabia airport authorities to claim lost or damaged baggage.

As soon as you notice at the arrival destination that your baggage is mishandled or has not arrived on the same flight, you should follow the instructions as below:

  • Contact the baggage Services Staff immediately before leaving the arrival hall.
  • Provide all the baggage details needed by Saudi Personnel.
  • Provide your name with correct spelling, if any other name was on the bag, permanent and temporary contact numbers, and other relevant information.
  • The correct type and color of your missing bag through the identification chart provided by the baggage services staff.
  • The brand of the baggage. i.e. (Samsonite, Delsea, American Tourist and etc.)
  • Please make sure that you have the Saudi Baggage Services contact numbers, claim file references, and documents for further queries.
  • If it happens that your baggage is not traced and you need to travel to another destination, you may contact the Baggage Services staff at that point for further handling and information that you may need.

The Saudi Authorities use World Tracer System to locate the baggage

The staff in charge, will take up the matter as per Saudi procedures and try to locate your baggage through their (World Tracer) Automated System, which is the fastest and the most effective tracing system available. Read more: List of baggage allowance of 16 major airlines from Saudi Arabia

How Passenger can access World Tracer?

Passenger may access World Tracer through this link (Click here) to display their claim files and follow-up on the status of their mishandled baggage simply by entering the file number and the last name exactly as mentioned in the claim record.

Fill the Form if the baggage is not delivered within 10 days

If the baggage is not delivered within 10 days then you need to fill the following form through this link (Click here). In case of damage or loss of contain, please fill up the form immediately and submit it.

Resolution of this claim depends upon details provided to our Baggage Services staff at the airport and distinctive items mention inside your bag. Attach all baggage tags with your claim.

Contact Details

You can contact and get the updates on the following contact number


Form to Report Lost baggage or claim in case of damaged baggage

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