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How to issue a Saudi Driving License in Saudi Arabia

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Driving is always fun. It is the easiest and convenient way to reach anywhere. The Saudi expats especially working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia compulsory need to maintain the personal car to meet their routine day to day requirements.

It becomes normally expensive for them to pay the Taxi expenses or car rentals for their daily use, therefore since the petrol prices are also quite cheap in Saudi Arabia, it is good for them to get the Saudi driving license and use it as per their requirement.

Also, since now the kingdom is allowing and encouraging more and more foreigners for tourism, therefore, they also look towards visiting the locations inside Saudi Arabia on their own. But for driving all you need is a valid Saudi driving license which is quite easy to get.

Is Driving license compulsory for UK & US Citizens? What about International Driving License Holder?

The driving license is compulsory for all the people intending to drive on Saudi roads. However, the people having an International driving license or the driving license of the UK and the USA can drive without converting their license to a Saudi National license. All the other nations have to apply for the license through the driving school.

What knowledge you should have before applying?

You must have the following information before applying:

  • You should have a good know-how of driving as a driving test will be taken once you file your application.
  • You must have good driving etiquette.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the road signs.

What documents do you require for the license?

Before going to driving school to apply for a license, you must have the following documents with you.

  • Original Saudi Iqama.
  • Photocopy of Saudi Iqama.
  • Original Passport.
  • Photocopy of Passport.
  • Driving License of your country.
  • If Non-Saudi, translation of foreign driving license in Arabic from an approved translation institute.
  • 4 Passport size photographs.
  • Medical report (Blood Group Test).
  • Receipt fee (400 SR to pay for the license in Al-Rajhi bank or Al-Riyadh bank/ATM for your Saudi Iqama id and keep the voucher). You can pay online through SADAD payment. Read more: How to Re-issue Lost, Burnt & Damaged Saudi Driving License?

What to do at the outside of driving school?

To have your own driving license you need to follow the following instructions.

  • Visit the Dallah (Driving School Institute allowed for the issuance of driving license) driving school at 7 am. There is normally more than one Branch for Dallah, you can visit the one which is nearest to your home.
  • Get your application form from the shop next to the main gate of driving school.
  • Complete the form in Arabic from him or if you have good knowledge of Arabic then fill it yourself.
  • Pay the shopkeeper SR 15/- and get the form enclosed in a file.

What to do in Hall Number 2?

After entering the driving school, just visit hall number 2 (The Hall numbers can change, we are just listing the number based on our experience). The rest of the process will take place from there onward.

  • At the extreme left of the hall is the person for an eye test with an eye microscope. He will check your eye for its fitness.
  • He will Test your eyes and stamp your application from.
  • You will find at the extreme right where the person who will check your documents, stamp your file and send you to the “license check.”
  • The other person at the license check counter will stamp your file and send you for the “first try”.

Where you can have the first try?

The first try will be in Hall no. 4 (The Hall numbers can change, we are just listing the number based on our experience) or the backyard. You will be checked whether you know how to drive a car or not. A person will be sitting next to you in the car. The cars for the trial will be Cars are of model Cadillac Custom/Camry 2006. They will be manual cars with gears.

What things must be taken care of while giving a test?

The person will ask you to drive the car forward and in the reverse direction in a small selected path. Your driving skills will be checked. Remember, the following things must be taken care of while giving a test,

  • Seat belt.
  • Back view mirror.
  • Hand brake.
  • Seat adjustment.

What happens if you pass your first try?

If you pass your first try you will have to visit Hall number 1 (The Hall numbers can change, we are just listing the number based on our experience) along with your application form. Submit your form at counter number 14 (The Hall numbers can change, we are just listing the number based on our experience) and inform them that you have paid your fee. Wait for 10 -15 minutes your name will be called and you will be given your driving license.

What happens if you fail your first try?

If you fail your first try you have to either come back after 2 -3 days with a new file to give a re-test or take instruction classes. The instruction classes are conducted for those who are inexperience in driving cars or those who are just the beginners or the one who lacks in driving smoothly.

The instructions classes are conducted and have to be taken by both the passed and failed candidates. Those who fail have to take at least one-week classes as compared to the others as they take only a few hours class.

What is the procedure for instruction classes?

You have to re-visit hall number 2. Your file will be taken and the slip will be given commencing your class from the same day from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. You have to pay SR 100/- for the instruction class.

What will be instructed in the class?

The instruction class will be of 3 hours of duration. They will give you a chart with things written on both sides regarding driving, road signs, etc. All the questions asked in the test will be prepared by the instructor.

What will happen in the computer test?

After taking a class for the first day you will have a computer test on the other day. Submit your slip and sit in the visiting hall for the computer test. The test will comprise of 20 questions and you have to answer them n 30 minutes. First test questions are compulsory and any mistake in them will result in your failure however the rest 10 is optional and you have to give only 5 correct answers.

Where the computer test will take place?

Consisting of the main identification of different signals and general driving rules the computer test will take place at touch screen computer. After the test, a trial will be taken for your driving. If passed you will get back your file else your slip will be given back.

Why a week is required after failing twice?

After failing twice you have to stamp your slip from Hall number 5 after one week at 3:00 pm. They will tell you to come the next day in the morning for trial again. You have to follow the same procedure as the computer room. This will be your last try on the same slip else you will have to pay license fee again.

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