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How to Re-issue Lost, Burnt & Damaged Saudi Driving License?

Saudi Driving license is a compulsory card you need to take along every time you are driving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you are found driving without the Saudi license you are charged heavily for it. But what if you had lost your Saudi driving license or had it been burnt or damaged?

Can we Re-issue our Saudi driving license?

The procedure to re-issue your Saudi license in the kingdom is quite easy and requires only 10 -15 minutes or a maximum of 3 to 4 hours. So it is better to re-issue your Saudi driving license then having a huge fine. All it requires is simple two steps.

What are the two steps?

The two steps for re-issuing your Saudi driving license are:

  • Visiting the Dallah Saudi driving school in your city.
  • Reaching out to the Maroor Office (Traffic Police Office) to get your license.

Why go to Saudi driving school?

Dallah driving school is the biggest and the only institute all around kingdom which teaches driving and tests them for their Saudi driving license. If you lost your Saudi license or damaged it, simply visit the Dallah driving school in your city. They will provide you with the necessary application form for the re-issuance.

Do we have to visit the same Saudi Driving School where we learned?

It doesn’t matter you got your Saudi license issued from any other city. Just visit the driving school in the city you are currently living and provide them with the necessary documents to file our case.

Which Officer to visit the Saudi Driving school (Dallah)?

The Dallah driving school will have many contacting agents sitting there. Visit any contacting office and inform them that you want to re-issue your Saudi driving license. They will provide you with an application form. It will be filled in Arabic. If you know Arabic you can fill it else let the officer fill the form. Attach the documents asked.

What Documents are required?

Following are the documents required to re-issue your Saudi driving license.

  • Copy of lost driving license.
  • In case, If your Saudi license is damaged, attach the damaged Saudi driving license with it.
  • In case, If it is stolen, attach the Police report stating the fact.
  • In case, If your Saudi license is burnt, attach the civil defense report.
  • 2 photographs (4×6 cm).
  • Copy of residence permit (Saudi Iqama) and Passport for Saudi expats.
  • Copy of Civil Affairs ID in case of Saudis.
  • Attach an identification letter for Saudi expats.
  • Proof of payment (SR. 100/-).

Any Eye test required for the re-issuance of Saudi License?

After the contacting officer will hand over the file you have to give an eye test. It is a simple test and is easily cleared. The officer will guide you to the concerned office for the test. A slip will be attached once the test is given. Now you have to move to step 2.

What is Step 2?

Step 2 involves your visit to the Maroor Office. You can ask the contacting officer at the Dallah driving school regarding which Maroor Office to visit.

What will happen at the Maroor Office?

Initially, you have to sign your form from the police officer sitting in the front. Once done, you will move to the office of the head of the Maroor Office and stamp your picture and sign your form. After the signing goes to the computer room where the concerned persons are filing complaints on the computer, he will enter your complaint of lost, damaged, burnt Saudi license, sign your form and will ask you to pay.

How can you Pay for the Penalty?

You have to pay through debit card or online (Sadad). If you don’t have any facility, visit the contacting officer who gave you the form in the first step and ask him to pay. He will pay through his cell phone but will charge additional SR. 30/-.

Who will give your re-issued Saudi license?

After completing all the necessary signatures and payment you have to go back to the person who filled your form. He will update the system and re-issue a new Saudi driving license to you in just 5 minutes.

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