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Huroob of the Worker will not be Filed in 2 Conditions

Iqama and residency laws for Saudi expats in Saudi Arabia are clear and must be followed by all. It is important to be aware of all the laws regarding employers and employees.

However, a person asked on Twitter of the Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development, “My worker has been on the run for the last two (2) months. When I tried to file his Huroob, the system did not accept it. Does the system receive an expiration message?” What was the reply from the department? To know more, keep reading.

Two (2)  Basic Things to be taken care of Before Filing a Huroob

Human Resources Customer Care said on Twitter that according to the law, two (2) basic things should be taken care of to file a Huroob against any Saudi expat worker.

  1. Saudi Iqama of the expat worker to be filed is valid, i.e., it has not expired.
  2. The worker has not left the country.

For Whom is the Huroob filed?

The Huroob is filed for those Saudi expat workers who do not work for their sponsors and work elsewhere without their consent, which is illegal. According to the Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development Act, Huroob is a serious crime and the person for whom it is filed is arrested in the personal file system. However, It is possible to cancel it within 20 days of receiving the file. According to the law, the Huroob of a worker who is on leave cannot be valid if he is out of the country. Read more: Is There Any Special Rules In The New Labor Reform System For Huroob?

How will the Sponsorship Change if the Sponsor has passed away?

A person asked that a Saudi expat worker was under the sponsorship of his father and his father has passed away while the company in which his father used to work is closed. How will sponsorship change? Read more: 13 Key Points for Exit Re-Entry and Final Exit Visa Under New Labor Reforms

Reply to the Department

The Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development  said that in this case, it is necessary to contact the Ministry of Labor zonal ‘Labor Office’ where the rest of the process can be completed by applying.

How to Get an Appointment in Advance?

However, it is important to get an appointment in advance to contact the Labor Office so that there is no problem. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the country, it is necessary to get advance notice from all government agencies. To get an appointment in advance, Abshar Portal has launched a facility to get time in collaboration with various government agencies. After getting an appointment, the matter can be presented by visiting the institution at the appointed time.

Is Vaccination Important for Going on Vacation?

A person asked that should Saudi expat workers be vaccinated against Coronavirus to go on vacation?

Conditions for Leaving the Kingdom

Saudi Jawazat stated that for Saudi expats residing in the country, it is a condition to have a valid visa (final exit or exit re-entry) and a confirmed airline ticket at the time of departure. Besides, the conditions of the country to be visited must be followed.

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