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Illegal Pakistani expats in KSA can visit Pakistani embassy to apply for Saudi final exit

Pakistani Saudi expats living illegally in KSA

The Saudi Government has introduced a new system of getting final exit for those Saudi expats who are living inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to this new system, the Saudi Government has actually provided assistance to such Pakistani Saudi expats to go back to their country. Based on this new policy and the system, such Pakistani living and working illegal in the Kingdom of Saudi expats can take the benefit of getting the final exit back to their country.

Categories of Pakistani Saudi expats who can avail this final exit?

  1. Those expats who have got Huroob on their passport but they are not being in the list of Saudi authorities for any crime or unusual activities.
  2. Those Pakistani expats who performed Hajj without obtaining the Tasreeh (Legal document for the permission of performing Hajj)
  3. Those Pakistani who have come to Saudi Arabia on Hajj or Umrah on visit visa but their visa validity has expired.
  4. Those Pakistani families who have lost their sponsor i.e. Husband, Father, Son etc.
  5. Those Pakistanis where their sponsor/ Kafeel has expired and the family of the sponsor is not assisting them for the final exit.
  6. Those Pakistani whose sponsor’s or the companies computer / Online Saudi Jawazat access have been closed.
  7. Those Pakistanis who are very highly ill or admitted in the Hospital.

What is the Procedure of getting the Saudi final exit?

The Pakistani expats who wish to avail this Saudi final exit has to visit to the Pakistani consulate. Once they reach there, they need to fill the required form related to the final exit of illegal expats from Saudi Arabia back to Pakistan. After they fill the form, they need to submit it to the embassy after which it will be reviewed by the embassy for correctness and the required details. Read more: Procedure to check online status of Huroob on Saudi Iqama

If all the details required are submitted and are found correct after the review, the Pakistani Consulate / Embassy will call you back to collect the paper in order to proceed getting the final exit back to the home country. Read more: Huroob cases to face Permanent Deportation with zero chance to enter the kingdom again

What are the contact details for Pakistani who wish to avail this system of Saudi final exit?

  • 012-6691046
  • 012-6691047
  • 012-6692371

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