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Imam Masjid in UAE sentenced to prison after raping a boy 9 times

Ajman criminal court sentenced five years of jail to an Asian Imam of a mosque

The Ajman criminal court sentenced a 31 year old Asian imam of a mosque to five years in jail followed by deportation for raping a 12-year-old Arab boy several times in his room.

Do you know that Imam-e-masjid used to convince the boy for such act?

According to the police report, the man used to convince the boy to accompany him after Isha prayer to his room situated near the mosque in Al-Jarf area. Read more: Story of UAE woman who woke up after 27 Years from Coma

The mother actually identified that her son is being sexually abused by Imam

The father told the police that the boy’s mother was extremely worried after she found changes in his behavior and noticed that he came late after the prayers.

Actually she was the one who kept on following her son with talks and ultimately the boy told the actual incident happened with him. Read more: 6 Pakistanis, Including 4 of a Family, Killed in UAE Villa Fire

Do you know how many times the Imam sexually abused the boy?

The mother keep pursuing her son, the boy told her he was sexually abused by the imam nine times in his room.

He told his mother that the Imam gave him Dh.5 every time he went to his room and told him that he can come to him any time after Isha prayers if he needed money.

Forensic report confirmed that boy was being sexually abused

The report issued by the forensic laboratory proved that the boy had been abused several times. The police arrested the imam and referred him to public prosecution.

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Source: Khaleej Times

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