Importance of 5th of Ramadan throughout history

What happened on the 5th day of Ramadan throughout history?

  1. The Founder of a Muslim dynasty Abdul Al-Rahman was born in 113 Hijri.
  2. A battle between Libyan rebels and Italian colonial forces erupted near Tobruk in 1342 Hijri.
  3. The Lydda massacre was conducted in Palestine in 1367 Hijri.

Founder of Muslim Dynasty Abdul Al-Rahman

Saqr Quraish’’ was a nickname of Abdul Al-Rahman which means the falcon of Quraish.

  • Saqr Quraish name was given by his political rival, the second Abbasid caliph Abu Jaafar Al-Mansur due to his strong will and determination.
  • Abdul Al-Rahman was raised in Damascus during the Umayyad rule. When the Umayyad state collapsed, Abdul Al-Rahman moved from one country to another.
  • After some time, he decided to prepare a strong army to enter Andalusia.
  • In 138 Hijri, Abdul Al-Rahman crossed with his army to Andalusia and defeated the country. He then took Seville and entered Cordoba ultimately controlling the entire of Andalusia. Read more: Daughters of Prophet Muhammad  (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

Conflict between Libyans and Italian forces

A battle between Libyans and Italian colonial forces erupted around 80 kilometers south of Tobruk (A city of Libya), on the fifth day of Ramadan in 1342, which is April 23, 1923. Read more: Who was Zulqarnain? And how quran describes his role?

  • The clash erupted as Omar Mukhtar returned from Egypt and crossed the Libyan borders.
  • The Italian forces have been monitoring Mukhtar’s movement and decided to kill him to suppress the revolution.
  • As Mukhtar crossed into Libya, they opened fire on him and his companions, attacked them but Mukhtar and the fighters opened fire on them and a clash ensued.
  • All the vehicles were burnt except for one that managed to escape the scene.

Israeli massacre

An Israeli commando Moshe Dayan charged a massacre (killing) in the Palestinian city of Lydda, On the 5th day of Ramadan in 1367 Hijri, which is July 11, 1948.

  • The operation was called ”Operation Dani” by the Israelis.
  • The Israeli air force attacked Lydda and Ramla and Palestinian fighters fought back killing 60 Israelis.
  • The Israelis resumed their attack and killed 426 Arabs.

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