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Indian Govt. Postponed The Registration of E-Migrate For Indian Expats

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Earlier Announcement by Indian Government For Registration of E-Migrate System

Earlier, we have shared this news with our readers that the Indian Ministry of External Affairs had announced that “Indian workers working abroad in Saudi Arabia and 17 other countries are compulsorily required to register online through E-migrate system”. The spouses and the children were exempted from the online registration through the E-migrate system. The Ministry further commented that the said rule shall apply beginning January 01, 2019 and in case, if any overseas Indian failing to register accordingly shall be offloaded.

Indian Government Postponing the Decision of Mandatory Online Registration of ENCR

Recently, the Indian Government has withdrawn its earlier decision and postponed the mandatory online registration of ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) passport holders. This was applicable in an earlier decision where the Indian workers working abroad in Saudi Arabia and 17 other countries.

The Indian community specifically living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had earlier raised several concerns about such mandatory online registration rule. The above decision of postponing the online registration was taken by the Indian Government in response to the said concerns earlier raised by the Indian community living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Voluntary Participation Instead of Mandatory Online Registration Through E-Migrate System

The Indian Government has stated in case, if any emigrant wants to register voluntarily under the online E-migrate system, then he or she may proceed to register himself/herself according to the specified steps for the registration under E-migrate system.

Indian Community Quite Happy After The Said Decision of Postponement

The different sections of the Indian community residing in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are quite happy and have really welcomed the Indian Ministry of External Affairs’ decision as they were facing several difficulties while registering online. The Indian Consul General Md. Noor Rahman Sheikh, said he was also happy that the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has responded positively by deferring the mandatory registration and restricting the online registration under E-migrate system voluntarily by the overseas Indians.

Remember, this is the second decision which the Indian government has put on hold after the continuous increasing pressure from the overseas Indian community. Previously, it postponed and deferred its decision to change the color of passport for ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport holders.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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