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Indian Mother’s prayers bring ‘dead’ son back to the life

A love of Mother

Among all of the types of love, the love of the mother is the strongest one and carries the best feelings and expression for her children. Each Mother in this world offers unconditional love to her children, which is independent of the child’s circumstances or characteristics. A child’s relationship with their mother also begins from a place of love.

An 18-year-old Gandham living in Indian city Hyderabad was diagnosed with the disease called dengue and jaundice

A highly curious case has come to light of 18-year old Gandham Kiran, diagnosed with dengue and jaundice and declared brain dead by doctors at a hospital, who has regained consciousness, even as relatives and friends were grieving and making arrangements for his funeral rites.

Doctors gave up and claimed the patient will lose his life soon

Following the declaration by doctors that there was no further hope of reviving Kiran, he was taken off the ventilator and transported wearing an oxygen mask in an ambulance back to his home in Pillalamarri village of Telangana’s Suryapet district on July 3.

The patient’s relatives started gathering for his expected funeral and last rites

As Kiran’s family had been informed that he will breathe his last in a couple of hours, relatives from different places had gathered at his home for the last rites. Read more: Nephew of Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal moves his head after 14 years from a coma

The patient’s mother was not informed of his situation

Kiran’s mother, Gandham Saidamma, who was not informed about her son’s condition, was shocked on reaching home in another vehicle to find the relatives arranging flowers, firewood and other material for the funeral rites. She broke down, crying inconsolably.

Suddenly the boy showed body movement and his relatives noticed tears in his eyes

Thereafter, around midnight, some relatives noticed that tears were rolling down Kiran’s cheeks. Read more: Story of UAE woman who woke up after 27 Years from Coma

They called a local Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) G. Rajababu Reddy, who checked the patient and found a faint pulse. He spoke to the doctor who had treated Kiran at a Hyderabad hospital and on his advice started administering injections.

The day after, the doctor found Kiran showing somebody movement. He was admitted to a local hospital. Following three days of treatment, Kiran regained consciousness and started talking to his mother in a feeble voice. Read more: American woman dies 9 days after converting to Islam

“Now he has come back home and taken some liquid diet. We are continuing the medication,” Saidamma told IANS over the phone from Pillalamarri.

The patient’s mother believes God has answered her prayers

She believes God answered her prayers and gave a new lease of life to her younger son.

“After losing my husband in 2005, I worked as a laborer to raise my two sons and gave them an education. They are everything for me,” said a sobbing Saidamma.

The patient is a 2nd-year B.Sc student

Kiran is a second-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) student at a college in Suryapet. His elder brother, Sateesh, who has done his graduation in Arts, is currently looking for a job.

Sateesh said that Kiran, who had started vomiting and having motions on June 26, was first admitted to the government district hospital at Suryapet.

When his condition showed no improvement, he was shifted to a private hospital at Vanasthalipuram on the outskirts of Hyderabad where was diagnosed with dengue and jaundice and later slipped into a coma.

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Source: Khaleej Times

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