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Indian Wife’s Last Message to Her Husband Before Ethiopian Airlines Crash

Ethiopian Airlines Crash 2019

A Very Tragic News of Ethiopian Airlines Crash

Earlier, everyone witnessed and read a tragic new that an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 passenger Jet which was heading towards Nairobi was crashed in totality and none of the survivors was reported in the incident.

The flight was scheduled airport in Addis Ababa in the morning time at 8.38 am as per the local time, however, at 8.44 am the flight lost the communication with the control tower. Flight ET302, operated on a Boeing 737-800 Max aircraft and was crashed near the town of Bishoftu, some 60 kilometers southeast of the Ethiopian capital, six minutes after takeoff.

The Last Message Sent by the Wife’ to the Husband Before Ethiopian Airlines Crash

The Indian woman who was newly married also died in this tragic plane crash which was heading towards Nairobi. According to her husband, she sent the last message to him after getting the boarding. Here goes the message “I have boarded the flight and will call you once I land”. Recommended: Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Flight Crashes Near Addis Ababa

The Husband was also Supposed to Fly with her Wife

The Husband was also supposed to fly with her to Nairobi but due to a last-minute change in the plans, he stayed back in New Delhi. The Husband had also bought a flight ticket for Nairobi with her wife but he cancelled it because of the call of an urgent meeting.

The Husband intended to send the reply to her text but before the husband could type a reply, his phone rang and a caller informed him about the tragic plane crash.

The wife died in the plane named as Shikha Garg, was travelling to attend the annual assembly of the UN Environment Programme, Shikha Garg was a consultant with the Indian environment ministry and had taken part in the negotiations leading to the 2015 Paris climate accord as well. Ethiopian Airlines Crash

The People holding passports from 35 countries were on board including some two dozen UN staff. The aircraft was the same type as the Indonesian Lion Air plane that crashed in October, killing 189 passengers and crew. The latest crash has put more concern and responsibilities on the airlines across the world to begin withdrawing the model from schedules. Ethiopian Airlines Crash

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Source: Khaleej Times

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