Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Interior Ministry: Strict Curfew May be Imposed in Riyadh Due to the Increasing Number of Covid-19 Cases

The situation of Coronavirus is getting worse day by day. Due to which reports say that strict curfew may be imposed again. Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman said a similar curfew could be imposed in Riyadh, as in Jeddah.

Statement by the Spokesman

According to the spokesman,

If the precautionary measures against the Coronavirus continue to be violated in Riyadh and the number of people infected with the virus increases as a result, strict security measures will be taken again.’

Speaking to local news channel, the spokesman said that a high-level committee under the auspices of the Ministry of Health was reviewing the latest situation of the Coronavirus across the country.

The Situation is Closely Monitored

The evolving situation of the Coronavirus in the capital, Riyadh, is being closely monitored. If the situation continues, a strict curfew will be lifted in Riyadh as well as in Jeddah (means the curfew timings will be from 3:00 pm to 6:00 am). Earlier, the Interior Ministry had said in a statement that the number of cases in Riyadh was also increasing. This is also being monitored. If the situation remains serious, a strict curfew will be imposed in Riyadh.

The Rest of the Country will Remain the Same

An Interior Ministry official said the situation in the rest of Saudi Arabia would remain the same, with no changes being made. As there are more cases in Riyadh then other cities so the government is just applying curfew in Riyadh. An Interior Ministry official said a strict curfew would be announced in any part of the country in due course.

Restored the Jeddah Curfew

It should be noted that the Saudi Interior Ministry decided to restore strict security measures in Jeddah on the recommendation of the health department officials in view of the recurrence of the Corona epidemic and the increase in cases in the intensive care units. A complete curfew will be in place in Jeddah from 3:00 pm to 6:00 am daily for 15 days (till June 20, 2020) from Saturday. Congregational prayers in mosques and Friday prayers have been temporarily banned again.

May this Corona situation decrease and the normal routine restores as soon as possible. So the economic losses could be fulfilled and further loss of lives and economy could be prevented. Stay home stay safe and keep a track of your health. For more information on the topic keep reading.

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