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Is driving license compulsory for buying a car or not

Since the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030, the country’s rules and regulations took significant turns. Where many rules were demolished, others underwent substantial changes. New laws and regulations took into account. Among these various changes, the people of the kingdom faced major trouble regarding the necessities. We have seen people questioning us regarding the Saudi Iqama renewal to Huroob cases. We have answered people regarding the confusion of exit re-entry and living in the kingdom.

However, the topic of driving remains the topmost with a variety of questions arising from it. In our previous question and answer session, we have addressed several questions. But if you still think several basic questions need answers, then don’t worry as your fellow visitors have asked us, and we are about to answer them in this current session of questions and answers. So what are you waiting for? Scroll below and read the solutions to the common queries people have.

Driving License is Not Compulsory for Everyone

According to the rules and regulations of the Traffic department (Morror) of Saudi Arabia, driving license is not mandatory for everyone to buy cars. Yes, you read it right. Abu Abdullah asked us that,

We want to buy a car in the name of my wife. Is it compulsory to have her driving license to buy a car on her name?

The Difference Between the Saudi Expats and the Saudi Citizen

In the light of Traffic department laws, if a Saudi citizen wants to buy a car in his/her name, him/she doesn’t need to have a driving license. However, if a Saudi expat is interested in buying a car, then he/she must have a valid Saudi driving license to issue a vehicle.

What did the Car Showrooms Inform the Media about the Situation?

According to the local newspaper on the market condition obtained by the conversation with various car showroom administrations gave significant three results.

  1. The Saudi expats must have a valid driving license to issue car ownership documents.
  2. If the Saudi expats’ family is less than 5-members, he/she cannot buy a seven-seat vehicle or a van.
  3. The Saudi local, either a man or woman, is exempted from the above two rules.

Why is the Confusion of Driving License Arising?

Our female visitor, Umme Hani asked us that,

I am a Saudi citizen. I bought a car earlier on my name and hired a Saudi expat driver for it. Now since the ban is lifted from women to drive, is it compulsory for me to buy a car with my valid driving license?

According to the exact statement of the traffic department,

The Saudi citizens are exempted from this rule.

What are the Violation Charges of Driving Without a Valid Driving License?

Another common question asked by several people that what are the current violation charges for driving without a valid Saudi driving license since many rumors are heard. So according to Saudi Traffic police department the previous SR.1,000/- fine and seven (7) days, imprisonment charges are rejected by the traffic department and now,

The challan from the traffic department (Morror) for driving without a valid Saudi driving license is SR. 150 to SR. 300/-.

This is all from this session of question and answers. We hope that many queries are solved. If not, feel free to message us or write in the comment section about any issue you are facing, and we will be obliged to answer you. Till then, share the article and subscribe to us for daily updates.

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